Guide: new adtech tools and technologies

Adtech is on trend: we introduce you to 10 adtech tools – a must-read full of new aids to boost your advertising!

Marketers are using innovative adtech tools for their advertising measures.
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Adtech – a new advertising world

The day-to-day work of advertisers is being shaped by new technologies. Creating, planning, and communicating messages using a pen and paper is now a thing of the past: digital methods have well and truly taken over analog approaches, meaning that content is being distributed to target groups in a data-driven way via media platforms and advertising networks. Advertising today is an ultra-modern profession that is characterized by efficient technical processes that are sometimes extremely innovative, including exciting developments in artificial intelligence, Web3, and programmatic advertising. There’s lots to explore right now in the field of adtech – a term used to refer to technologies and tools in the media industry. New adtech trends are covering the theory side of things, while helpful adtech tools are being implemented in practice.

Adtech trend monitor: the latest developments at a glance

But what are the current trends in the adtech universe? Where is the journey heading? Experts believe you should have the following important aspects on your radar right now, among others:

First-party data is the key to advertising success

The advertising world as we know it will look very different in a few years. Without a doubt, the planned shift away from cookies and third-party data will continue to have a significant impact on the industry, both in terms of advertising processes and on a technological level, making it arguably the most relevant adtech trend at the moment. Advertisers would therefore be wise not to delay exploring first-party data solutions.

It’s now all about the context

Contextual targeting is among the pioneering adtech trends in programmatic advertising – especially because the use of third-party data will continue to taper off. In contextual targeting, ads are no longer just displayed on the basis of user data, but instead in a specific context in relevant environments. That has the power to generate more clicks, leads, and conversions than conventional targeting methods.

News from Google

It will also be interesting to see what Google brings to the table in the near future. It recently postponed the end of third-party cookies, and had also already announced a solution for a cookie-free advertising world with its Privacy Sandbox, but that has yet to be implemented. Everyone in the industry is therefore watching closely to see what adtech tools and technologies will be released by the Mountain View-based company. That particularly includes the announced switch to the ad-blocking technology Manifest V3 in Google Chrome. In many cases, these and other changes could seriously shake up how advertisers work, given that Chrome is the world’s most-used browser and therefore extremely relevant for advertising. The key is to stay in the know, so check back here for any news!

Moving images are and will remain vital

As highlighted by the growing popularity of advertising formats in connected TV (CTV) and the continuing popularity of TikTok and new features for moving images on Instagram and Twitter, video is still the technology and media format of choice for creating successful ads and is a clear advertising trend. Channeling your media budget a little more toward video ads could therefore pay off – now and in the future.

Powerfully equipped: 10 useful adtech tools unveiled

In addition to the aforementioned advances and various other technological developments, the adtech scene is currently brimming with trends and tools. Do you have an overview, and do you know about the latest advertising solutions? You’ll find more information in our guide “Adtech: new tools and technologies at a glance”, which presents 10 tools that are recommended for your marketing and are definitely worth exploring. The download is of course free for you as a member of the DMEXCO community.