Top 5 tools for AI in marketing in 2023

This story presents five AI tools to drive forward your company’s marketing in 2023.

AI tools are essential in marketing.
Image: © Daniel Wong / Unsplash

How AI makes all the difference in marketing

Marketing is strongly driven by numbers, which is why the performance of marketers is always measured by clearly defined KPIs. Effective marketing also comes down to analyzing data, correctly interpreting it, and deriving measures that will have an impact. However, in our increasingly digitalized world, the datasets available for that purpose are so extensive that it’s nearly impossible for marketers to process them by themselves. That’s where computers come into play – including artificial intelligence (AI), which has been gaining momentum for some years now.

Top 5: artificial intelligence in marketing – a few examples

Using software is key in marketing, but choosing the right tools is far from easy because there are just so many out there. For that reason, we’ve narrowed down our selection to programs that have already demonstrated their benefits or are especially promising.

#1 ChatGPT

The hype surrounding ChatGPT is never-ending, and the chatbot developed by the software company OpenAI has now found its way into the day-to-day work of many marketing professionals. The software offers numerous advantages to marketers because it makes it easier to produce individualized texts. The program may not be flawless and still struggles with complex tasks, but chatbots like ChatGPT are a great solution for customer communication in e-commerce, for example. And as we all know: any form of interaction with customers is a marketing opportunity.

#2 Headlime

Headlime specializes in creating landing pages (LPs) with the help of artificial intelligence. In this respect, AI takes care of one of the most important types of text in content marketing, given that LPs are the digital storefront of a company and need to make a particularly strong impression on potential customers. The data and insights provided by programs such as Headlime help you do that by leveraging AI to significantly minimize the factor of coincidence in the equation for creating the optimal landing page.

#3 HubSpot

HubSpot helps marketers intelligently plan their marketing activities. Powered by AI, the CRM platform always thinks one step ahead and ideally complements your company’s marketing toolbox. In addition to content creation, it focuses on evaluating KPIs in detail and coordinating marketing measures using a data-based approach. Easy-to-navigate dashboards form the human-machine interface.

#4 Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a tried-and-true software tool for email marketing. The company’s AI helps marketing professionals achieve better open rates, for example by personalizing sending times. With its technology, Seventh Sense promises to boost engagement and conversions in order to maximize email marketing.

#5 Google Analytics

Google Analytics has long been one of the most important analytical tools for marketing, so this software can’t do without artificial intelligence either. Whether creating reports, identifying sales potential, or predicting campaign results – AI in marketing makes all the difference in terms of analyzing performance, enabling marketers to refine their measures and move away from outdated textbook solutions. Hard facts and figures promote modern marketing here.

AI as a success factor in marketing

Artificial intelligence can be implemented for a vast array of marketing tasks, from producing content to evaluating campaigns. Marketers simply need to dig in and familiarize themselves with the relevant tools and then apply them. That doesn’t mean relinquishing control over their content and analyses, but simply keeping up with the times by leveraging new tools. We’ve put together a small selection of those that could prove useful. Remember though: things are constantly developing, and new opportunities for utilizing AI in marketing are emerging on the market almost every day. Ultimately, that’s what makes our profession so exciting!