Conference Highlights Part II

More than 160 hours of content and over 400 speakers: This year's DMEXCO Conference program offers you a variety of exciting insights, practice-oriented master classes and keynotes that look into the future of digital business. Here you can find some of the sessions that will inspire you on September 7 & 8!

Exhibitors at DMEXCO @home 2021

Outbrain “Listening to the True Boss: How Consumer First Advertising Boosts ROAS”

Lecture EN

Why is it that the tech-powered advertising industry ends up serving ads that are underwhelming to most consumers? The honest answer is that companies that facilitate online ads typically just sort ads from most expensive to least rather than serving relevant ads that build true engagement. By putting the end-user experience first, Outbrain challenges the usual way of serving ads, and devises solutions that actually benefit consumers. Join Co-CEO and Co-founder Yaron Galai as he walks you through Outbrain’s way of optimizing for engagement as well as ad quality and how brands benefit from it in the long-term.


Snap Inc. “The Positive Disruptor Series from Claire Valoti: DMEXCO edition with Marc Berg from FREE NOW”

Fireside Chat EN

If you want to understand the future, you need to understand the brands that are shaping it. In an insightful series exploring ‘positive disruption’, Snap’s VP of EMEA Claire Valoti speaks to the founders and leaders shaking-up their industries for the better. In this special DMEXCO episode she speaks to Marc Berg, CEO of FREE NOW, about his professional journey and how a German ride-hailing start-up evolved into an extraordinary mobility revolution.


Twitch “The Magic of Twitch: Demystifying the Twitch audience”

Lecture EN

Both the communities and the streamers are really what’s behind the progression of Twitch – from what was once a livestream gaming site, to a live, social, and interactive service with a wildly enthusiastic community. But what makes this diverse community so special and how can advertisers reach an audience that is usually elusive to class advertising? Hear from Burkhard Leimbrock, Commercial Director Europe at Twitch, as he deep dives into the Twitch audience, providing actionable takeaways for brands to understand how to tailor their message to reach them.


Oracle “Why lasting customer relationships require Adtech and Martech to come together”

Keynote EN

In a business environment that is constantly changing, marketing leaders must be able to adapt their strategies quickly to build and nurture lasting customer relationships. Join Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, to learn about why integrated Adtech and Martech stacks matter more than ever, and how to successfully bridge the gap from the unknown to fully understanding your customers to serve them best at any given moment.


Macaw “Building a successful brand channel – congstar Case study”

Masterclass EN

TikTok Pioneer! Insights and learnings from the fastest and most successful TikTok brand channel among telecommunications companies: How congstar installed long-term added value from initial successes. Core approach: in depth target group knowledge and the help of a whole creator crew. Following the core belief: We make TikToks, no Ads!