Max von Hilgers on ad verification and Meetrics’s presence at DMEXCO @home 2021

Digital advertising and ad verification – Meetrics is the analytics specialist among adtech providers. Max von Hilgers is the company’s CEO and improves the ad performance of his customers through universal solutions.

Meetrics will be showcasing its analytical tools and innovative software developments at DMEXCO @home.
Max von Hilgers, CEO of Meetrics

Please describe your company and business model in a few words. What vision and mission drive you? Why are you the right partner for your customers and what USPs and benefits can you offer them?

Max von Hilgers: Since 2008, Meetrics has been offering solutions to enhance the quality of online marketing, thereby contributing to a more transparent and effective digital ecosystem. In addition to measuring the viewability of online advertising, we also incorporate brand safety & brand suitability, audience verification, and ad fraud prevention to give our customers a holistic understanding of their digital marketing effectiveness and optimization tools.

Why do you want to use DMEXCO @home as a platform for your company this year?

Max von Hilgers: For more than a decade, Meetrics has been an established name in the digital advertising market and enjoys a global presence. DMEXCO has succeeded in bringing together players from all markets. That generally already makes it a great match. What’s more, the past 18 months have shown that interacting with (potential) customers, partners, and service providers is more important than ever and that creativity is needed to make sure this interaction is the best it can be.

After all, Meetrics wants to present its many innovations to as many interested parties as possible. DMEXCO is a good partner in this respect.

“Setting new priorities” is the motto of DMEXCO @home 2021. What does that mean for you? What new priorities and focuses do you want to define for the future?

Max von Hilgers: Over the last two years, there has been a shift in thinking in the media and advertising industry. We’re seeing it moving away from outdated parameters that have little significance and completely bypass the reality of today’s media consumption. In contrast, we offer key performance indicators and optimization tools to align media budgets much more directly with the desired impact.

What solutions, products, or business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home 2021 and which of the features (masterclasses, roundtables, lectures, etc.) will you be using?

Max von Hilgers: Especially in the area of video, we’ve successfully developed strong KPIs that enable the placement quality of ads to be analyzed much more extensively than had previously been possible with established market standards. That can be said both of offerings in “walled gardens”, such as YouTube and Facebook, and offerings on the “open web”, which is used, among others, by TV providers that have enormously expanded their digital services.

However, we’ve also developed entirely new solutions with regard to brand safety and brand suitability, for example to suitably tackle the virulent problem posed by fake news content.

Another one of our main areas is the verification of target groups and reach in light of the severe technical limitations arising from data protection in a third-party cookie context and also against the backdrop of tracking prevention implemented by browsers. We recognized these challenges early enough to develop appropriate solutions.

We’ll be addressing all these topics in our own masterclass and illustrating the capabilities of our solutions based on actual use cases conducted with pilot customers. We’ll also be represented in other masterclasses organized by the BVDW (the German Association for the Digital Economy), because DMEXCO is also a great place to drive forward the establishment of new standards.

What supplementary measures (e.g. mailings, advertising, campaigns) have you planned for your presence at DMEXCO @home 2021?

Max von Hilgers: For Meetrics, the biggest focus continues to be on personal interaction, because we have found that this gives rise to the strongest business relationships. All our supplementary measures, such as newsletters, event promotion, and product advertising, are clearly aimed at generating the best conversations.

What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home? What do you think the advantages of this virtual format are as compared to an in-person event?

Max von Hilgers: Our principle is to achieve the best result possible in every situation – even and especially when the situation isn’t ideal. In a virtual setting, it simply isn’t possible to join great customers and partners for a Kölsch beer from the same keg after a successful expo day. That said, Meetrics can benefit virtually by making new contacts and winning over prospects who we wouldn’t have necessarily reached before. However, we hope that the situation will soon allow us to have the best of all worlds.

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