Digital fashion heralds a new era

Be inspired by the vision of a fashion sector where modern tech will make the entire industry quicker, more cost-effective, and more sustainable.

A whole afternoon was dedicated to the topic of “digital fashion” at DMEXCO 2023.
Image: © Koelnmesse

Digital fashion: so much more than avatars and virtual stores

In the afternoon on the second day of DMEXCO 2023, / the Tech Stage gave digital fashion its very own platform, which was embraced to the full and was an opportunity for the fashion industry to prove it’s digital-ready. Inspired by the motto “Digital Fashion – The Phygital Network”, high-profile speakers wowed professionals from the fashion industry and beyond. To reflect the variety of digital fashion topics, we’ve picked out three sessions from the long lineup of fashion speakers.

DMEXCO 2023 sessions available in re-live

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Virtual prototyping and fitting save money, time, and resources

“When it comes to digital fashion, we believe there is no limit to creativity. With digital fashion, almost everything is possible. You can create different styles and different colors very easily, and the designers have no boundaries.” That was the powerful message communicated by Flora Zangue, 3D Fashion Expert at Hohenstein Laboratories, at the start of her lecture. She gave the audience a unique insight into virtual showrooms that customers can access whenever and wherever. Zangue is convinced that 3D technology will make the fashion industry quicker, more cost-effective, and more sustainable.

Phygital – where digital meets physical

In his lecture, David Geisser, CEO & Founder of collectID, explored digital twins and more. Using caps by Hugo Boss as an example, he showed how the physical can be blended with the digital, allowing buyers of a physical cap to add it to their avatar in a video game with just a few clicks. Geisser concluded that “the possibility to wear an item not only in real life but also on your avatar or on your digital identity offers nice new opportunities for the consumers and usually comes at the higher perceived value. In other words: People are willing to spend more money on this.”

How automation can change the fashion industry

Florian Pfeffer, Founder of ito ito, took his audience on a journey into the past, where items of clothing were produced by tailors on demand and the phenomenon of overproduction didn’t exist. He believes that on-demand production is possible using modern tech: “As long as you stay digital in the fashion design process and prototyping process, the cheaper and faster the process of course gets.” His vision: bringing design, sales, customers, and retail together in a digital ecosystem – an ambitious proposition that is certainly possible!

Digital fashion is sparking a revolution

DMEXCO 2023 and the “Digital Fashion – The Phygital Network” event provided a fascinating look at digital fashion and how far the digital transformation has come in the fashion industry. The possibilities offered by virtual prototyping, digital twins, and sustainable production are opening up completely new perspectives. There are no longer any limits to creativity, and production is becoming quicker, more cost-effective, and more sustainable. Thank you to everyone involved for their inspiring, exciting insights from an industry that is relevant to us all. Here’s to a new fashion era that puts sustainability and individuality front and center!