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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing method used by companies to advertise products and services. The company (or “merchant”) teams up with a collaboration partner (or “affiliate”), who places links (in the form of banner displays, pop-ups, or text links) on the affiliate’s website, blog or social media profile, in order to reach the merchant’s target group. In return, the affiliate receives a commission that can be calculated based on a range of cost-per-action models. How is affiliate marketing structured? As a performance-oriented marketing tactic, affiliate marketing normally has four strands: #1 Affiliate partner/publisher: Promotion for commission Both i...
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Guide: What beginners need to know about the NFT trend
What do Paris Hilton and bored apes have in common? That’s right, you can buy them as NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are the hype of the hour. The DMEXCO guide tells you everything you need to know!
How to create a successful review marketing strategy
Customers who want to find out about a product or service will start by reading online reviews. Our free guide explains how to use feedback to optimize your review marketing.
Affiliate marketing: here are the trends of the future
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, brands with an affiliate marketing strategy in place stormed ahead of the competition in 2020. In this story, we explore why that was the case and where the latest affiliate marketing trends are heading.
The Future CMO: How Marketing works in the age of digitalization
The digital transformation is causing many CMOs to radically rethink their daily routines. "The Future CMO Report" provides exciting insights into what marketing and the CMO of the future will have to achieve.