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The Future CMO: How Marketing works in the age of digitalization

The Future CMO: How Marketing works in the age of digitalization

What’s the next big thing in marketing? This question cannot be easily answered using one of the currently circulating buzzwords. Brands must dare to look at the big picture, evaluate the many benefits of digitalization and understand marketing technologies. Today’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) must be able to juggle various activities, while striking a balance between efficiency-enhancing technology, customer orientation and human creativity. Marketing 4.0 thus becomes a cross-departmental process that needs to be constantly adapted and improved. Consequently, knowledge management for marketing specialists is becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered.

Qualified answers in times of change

The Future CMO Report 2019 provides valuable information on the future development of marketing and raises relevant questions that marketing specialists in today’s networked world have to ask themselves. The comprehensive report was published as a special supplement to the Times and Sunday Times on the occasion of Cannes Lions. It includes high-quality articles and analyses that provide your organization with new approaches and marketing impetus. In the next few days, we will be publishing excerpts in our DMEXCO Stories.

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