The online marketing trends of 2022: here’s what lies in store

What new concepts, challenges, and developments await online marketers this year? We’ve rounded up the key online trends of 2022 for you in our free guide.

There will be some exciting trends to watch in the field of online marketing in 2022.
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Purpose-driven marketing: a perennial online marketing trend

Sustainability has been the hot issue for some years. Until now, it has been difficult to measure and has mainly been a communication trend in the sense of do good and talk about it. Greenwashing aside, sustainability will increasingly be put into practice in 2022.

After all, purpose-driven marketing is one of the most important trends to have emerged in recent years.

Customers, investors, and partners are increasingly scrutinizing whether a company’s communication strategy and corporate culture actually match up. Customers will not let companies off lightly if there is a discrepancy between their image and actual actions. Our guide reveals what companies need to consider.


AI, blockchain, and personalization among the online marketing trends of 2022


2022 will be all about first-party data. New data strategies will be required when third-party cookies disappear. What may sound challenging at first will soon prove to be a blessing for brands that efficiently collect data and optimally leverage it using smart software and AI. Personalization will also be a really big trend in 2022, whether we’re talking about the user journey, funnels, user experience, or advertising being optimized and personalized. We’re only just embarking on a new era.

The online marketing trends of 2022: crypto, NFTs, and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies have been one of the most significant marketing trends for years now. That won’t change in 2022. NFTs are the latest thing to join the hype. Until recently, nobody had heard of non-fungible tokens; now, they’re the talk of the day. The topic of blockchain will generally continue to gain ground. Optimists think it has the potential to democratize the Internet. Realists, on the other hand, believe that the associated apps, websites, and ideas will mainly benefit the fintech sector.

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain will continue to boom and ultimately become mainstream in 2022.

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