How AI is taking agencies to new creative heights – 5 best cases

From more efficient workflows to fresh solutions and automation, agencies can leverage AI tools on a multitude of levels. The five best cases in our whitepaper show how AI in agencies can also take creative output to a new level.

AI in agencies: Celebrating creative success thanks to AI
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Status quo: Current challenges facing the agency world

Alongside technological innovations, changing customer requirements are the primary driver spurring the dramatically shifting work in agencies and the demand for creative solutions. If agencies are to remain competitive and win over customers, they need to overcome several obstacles.

#1 AI and automation: Agencies must engage intensively with the integration of AI technologies. Although there are many benefits to using AI – including automating routine tasks and improving the personalization of marketing campaigns – it also requires agencies to train their teams on these technologies and take ethical concerns into consideration. Data protection is another issue that plays a significant role in this. Introducing systems like GPT-4o and AutoGPT highlights how powerful these tools can be, but they also require a high level of expertise – prompting, for example – and adaptation to be truly effective.

#2 Boosting efficiency and managing costs: An increasingly competitive market means that agencies have to become more efficient and maintain an overview of their costs. This involves optimizing processes, reducing unnecessary expenditure, and maximizing employee productivity. Being able to make adjustments quickly and flexibly in response to market changes is crucial.

# 3 New business models and services: If agencies want to remain competitive, they must develop new business models and services. This includes adapting to hybrid working models, developing consulting and supportive services for utilizing AI, and creating new offerings that meet changing customer requirements. Other key factors are a stronger focus on data-led strategies and using the results of analyses to optimize campaigns.

DMEXCO survey reveals: In terms of using AI in agencies and beyond, there is room for improvement

Implementing AI in day-to-day agency work is a key criterion when it comes to being able to compete on the market. However, the survey of marketing and communications professionals conducted on our behalf by Civey shows that there is still a long way to go to bridge the gap between theoretical discussion and practical use.

37% of professionals regularly use AI tools in marketing and communication in their day-to-day work.

This is where DMEXCO 2024 has a valuable role to play: with the motto “Prompting the Future”, we will be presenting and analyzing successful best cases as well as discussing opportunities. Don’t miss it!

Boosting creativity with AI: 5 agencies and some inspiring best cases

Read our free whitepaper today for helpful tips on how implementing AI in agencies can promote creative work. We also present 5 inspiring and groundbreaking best cases that illustrate how AI and agencies are a match made in heaven when it comes to creativity.