DMEXCO 2021: well worth a second look

DMEXCO was once again full of fascinating insights, extremely interesting discussions, and forward-looking innovations this year. Here, we recap our highlights from the digital expo.

DMEXCO @home 2021 had plenty of fascinating highlights in store.
Image: © Koelnmesse

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Steering purchasing decisions – but at the right time

When do consumers decide to buy a product, and how can advertisers influence this decision? In his lecture, Davide Falzone, Commercial Director of the Swiss startup Bring! Labs, explores how digital advertising formats can effectively control shopping planning and purchasing decisions ahead of time.

Diversity is so much more than brand activism

Diversity was again one of the main themes at this year’s DMEXCO @home – and rightly so. After all, ensuring diverse teams is far more than just a trend. Nonetheless, many companies aren’t giving diversity the attention it deserves. Jacqueline Routier and Constanze Osei from Facebook and Dora Osinde from Granny maintain that many brands are simply engaging in activism to come across as a diverse and inclusive company to consumers – at least in the short term.

“I think it’s a huge mistake to misjudge that call from consumers for diversity […] as a trend. It’s really a long-term strategy if you want to keep your business alive and relevant over the next decades,” says Osinde.

She explains how Granny doesn’t merely implement diversity, but why she also sees it as an integral part of the agency’s philosophy and success.

Climate crisis, pandemic, digitalization: setting new priorities

Humanity is in a state of emergency, and not just because of the coronavirus crisis. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges ever and demands urgent action. Many discussions at DMEXCO @home also once again centered around the climate crisis issue and how to deal with it.

In his new book “What If We Just Save the World?”, author Frank Schätzing proposes future scenarios and possibilities for saving humanity (before it’s too late). In a talk with host Emily Whigham, he emphasizes that new technologies will play an especially crucial role in this. In Schätzing’s opinion,

“Every individual has a sphere of influence that they can utilize. We have all brought the planet to the brink together, so we can all also bring it back from the brink together. Digitalization and AI can help us massively here.”

The future of marketing: agility as the number 1 priority

Transparency, authenticity, and high-quality customer communication are aspects that are right at the top of the agenda for digital-first companies. In view of the digital transformation and the extra push given by the coronavirus crisis, not only have many companies become all-digital, but consumers are also relying on digital solutions in their private lives. If brands want to keep ahead of the competition, they must act agilely on a digital level and at the same time stay close to their customers.

In a talk with Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium, Ann Lewnes, CMO of Adobe, gets to the heart of this challenge:

“Every experience that you have with a company now is largely through digital. And so, you need to make sure that those experiences feel relevant, feel personal, feel emotional.”

She also shares some insights into how Adobe successfully turned what was meant to be an offline event into an all-digital event in just three weeks.

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