Corporate digital responsibility in gaming

More and more industries are assuming their corporate digital responsibility. We take a look at the gaming sector.

Corporate digital responsibility is playing a role in the gaming sector.
Image: © Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

CDR and CSR as moral compasses

Corporate digital responsibility and corporate social responsibility are moral compasses guiding companies in terms of their products and actions and encouraging them to do business in a more inclusive, environmentally friendly and sustainable way in every sense. The principles of CDR and CSR are catching on in more and more business fields.

But what about the gaming industry? Figures show that video game sales reached 210 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. The gaming sector is innovative, creative, dynamic, and an important factor in the entertainment industry. Once a niche phenomenon, the esports segment in particular has been driving the global economy for some time now. Today, gamers are a highly sought-after target group, and the scene is significantly contributing to digital development – not just in the entertainment industry, but also in education, for example, by offering solutions for teaching students lesson content in a fun way. This vast and influential sector therefore can’t be ignored when discussing CDR.

Approaching CDR in gaming

In terms of energy consumption and hardware production, sustainability plays a role in the gaming scene’s corporate digital and social responsibility. The topics of inclusion and diversity also frequently come up in the gaming industry. More and more influencers and gaming studios are placing greater emphasis on their values.

Fein Games – a gaming studio created by women, for women

The Fein Games studio has made it its mission to empower women. Although around half of all gamers are women, the boardrooms of gaming studios are still dominated by men – which, according to the female founders of Fein Games, is why sexist stereotypes are still being seen today in how women are depicted in many video games. To create a more authentic experience and give women a platform, the studio develops its own games and thus really delivers on its social responsibility.

A clear stance from INSTINCT3

On its website, the gaming influencer agency INSTINCT3 clearly communicates its philosophy: “As an agency founded by one of Germany’s most determined influencers, it has always been part of the INSTINCT3 identity to pursue integrity and sincerity above all else. And while we celebrate ingenuity, ambition, and friendship, we are strong-willed when it comes to protecting our belief in decency, morals, and character.”


Influencer and founder Max Knabe, who also goes by the username HandOfBlood, regularly stresses the agency’s responsibility toward its community, especially with regard to values such as diversity and equality, which are among the principles underlying the work of INSTINCT3.

Endless possibilities for corporate digital responsibility

The gaming industry offers virtually endless possibilities for implementing the principles of CDR and CSR, starting as early as the production of hardware and merchandise. Modern studios are also showing that they want to and can assume responsibility when creating content for their community. As a result, values such as inclusion and equality are becoming increasingly present.

The gaming sector also attracts a lot of attention through regular charity campaigns and events, leveraging the scene’s enormous economic power in the name of a good cause. That’s a great example of how CDR and CSR can be used to pave the way for more sustainability in business and a better future.