Successfully implementing referral marketing

Our referral marketing guide explores how to effectively turn recommendations into new customers.

Referral marketing is a particularly effective method for acquiring customers.
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Channels for your referral marketing

In addition to traditional word-of-mouth marketing, there are other important channels that really harness the vast possibilities offered by digitalization – these are primarily email marketing, influencer collaboration, and social media channels. Your email mailing list, for example, is a key referral marketing tool for reaching your existing customers and encouraging them to recruit new customers. User-generated content (UGC) is also gaining momentum in this context. What’s more, our guide takes a closer look at how you can leverage the power of social media channels for your referral marketing.

Verified success in referral marketing

Hard figures prove that referral marketing works. Scientific research has even deduced the following three key findings with regard to referral marketing:

  1. Referred customers deliver a higher profit margin.
  2. They are more loyal to a company.
  3. They have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

This is great news for all marketers, especially now at a time when third-party cookies are on their way out. Our downloadable guide has more tips for your referral marketing campaign