#Settingnewpriorities with DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify pursues a clear mission: to help brands improve the effectiveness of their online advertising. In an interview, Mark Zagorski (CEO) reveals how the company achieves that and what priorities it wants to set for the future.

Alongside protecting brands, the international measurement and analytics service provider DoubleVerify also wants to focus more on performance.
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DoubleVerify’s mission is “to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure.” Please sum it up in a nutshell: What solutions do you offer and for whom?

Mark Zagorski: DoubleVerify provides the most extensive suite of accredited brand safety and ad verification solutions, period. Whether it’s CTV, a mobile application, desktop environment or social network, DV’s tools power media quality and performance everywhere, with the goal of maximizing real business outcomes for our customers. With a decade-long track record of industry leadership and innovation, DV has developed cutting-edge solutions for brands, advertisers, platforms and publishers — from identifying the latest fraud schemes to safeguarding brand reputation — across devices and emerging channels, including CTV, social media, mobile, digital video, and beyond. At the end of the day, DV wants to build an advertising ecosystem that is stronger, safer and more secure.

“Setting new Priorities“ is the motto of the DMEXCO @home 2021. What does that mean for you?

Mark Zagorski: As a company, DV is evolving our priority set to focus not just on protecting brands, but helping drive performance as well. In a time where cookie deprecation and privacy concerns have totally disrupted traditional optimization solutions, DV’s deep, cookieless data set and contextual solution expertise is taking center stage and leading the company into its next chapter.

What solutions, products or business ideas will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home and which of the features (master classes, roundtables, lectures, etc.) will you be using for the presentation?

Mark Zagorski: We’re excited to introduce a number of our solutions, including those focused on performance and CTV, and we’ll be participating in a master class, lecture and presentation.

Last year, DV launched the industry’s first CTV brand safety solution, and, ever since, we have led the industry in both innovations and accreditations in the space. Our current CTV solutions offer advertisers critical controls over their buys via inclusion and exclusion lists, and reporting to measure campaign quality and identify violations and in-flight campaign optimizations. With inclusion and exclusion lists, advertisers and brands can align inventory and brand suitability requirements by targeting or avoiding specific CTV apps; they can monitor delivery reporting to measure campaign quality and identify infractions; and they can optimize campaigns in-flight and refine future strategies.

Also, on the CTV front, we recently announced additional enhancements to these controls, giving advertisers flexibility in how they protect their brands. This includes DV’s app-level avoidance categories and app store data controls – providing advertisers with additional tools to ensure alignment with suitable inventory and brand equity protection on CTV.

In our drive to enhance advertiser performance in a cookie-free and privacy-focused world, we recently launched DV Authentic Attention™. DV Authentic Attention™ is the first data solution in the market to provide dynamic engagement data to drive campaign performance. It analyzes over 50 data points relevant to the level of a consumer’s exposure and interaction with a digital ad — providing the basis for dynamic campaign optimization.

Another privacy-forward solution that we’ll be presenting is DV Custom Contextual, which offers advertisers precision targeting that maximizes relevance and reach. Powered by our semantic science engine, we offer over 200,000 ontological concepts that go far beyond keywords and sentiment to power impactful contextual campaigns.

What can we look forward to most at your appearance at DMEXCO 2021?

Mark Zagorski: We are really excited about helping usher in a new era of privacy friendly verification and performance solutions that move advertisers beyond safety to suitability and past reach and frequency to true engagement. It sounds a bit self-serving for sure, but at the end of the day it’s all about driving ROI for our customers. As we move to this new outcomes-driven place in our industry, we feel it’s also critical to remember that quality is a prerequisite to performance, and it’s the combination of quality and performance that really drives business outcomes.

We measure quality by determining if the ad is brand safe and suitable, fully viewable and served to a real human being in the intended geography. While this all seems relatively straightforward, we’re often surprised at how many advertisers see these as siloed metrics, as opposed to holistically. By sharing thought leadership through our master class, lecture and fireside chat, we aim to enlighten industry players on the tangible value of media quality verification in its ability to take digital advertising campaigns to the next level. As our mission states, DV makes the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media.

What do you expect from DMEXCO @home? What opportunities do you see in this virtual format compared to a physical event?

Mark Zagorski: While it’s difficult to replicate the in-person experience, we’ve become accustomed to engaging our audience through digital channels — much like the brands we serve do. We feel there is a tremendous opportunity to connect with industry professionals who, in typical years, may not necessarily have had the chance to be in Germany for the event. As we continue to invest in our global footprint, we look forward to connecting with our customers, partners and colleagues around the globe in person in the future!