Guide: DMEXCO @home for exhibitors: make your expo presence a success

What does DMEXCO @home have in store for you as an exhibitor and how can you optimally use the platform for your purposes? We have rounded up everything you need to know about your expo presence in our guide.

How do you manage efficient networking during DMEXCO @home? In our exhibitor guide we introduce you to the most important spaces and formats.

Efficient networking before and after DMEXCO @home: the essentials

In just a few days, it will be time for DMEXCO to kick off for the first time in digital form. As an exhibitor, you will benefit from a range of innovative features for showcasing your company and products and taking virtual networking to a new level. To form a good connection with your prospects and customers that also lasts beyond the expo, we recommend the following steps:

1. Make contacts before the expo starts

Ideally, you should proactively approach your target group before DMEXCO @home begins on September 23. For example, you can already view the visitor database and arrange appointments with other participants via your exhibitor profile. We also advise using the free guest tickets for exhibitors. As a registered exhibitor, you have an unlimited number of guest tickets to invite your target group to your virtual presence at DMEXCO @home. The free guest account gives your customers and prospects access to your live sessions, your private space in the Virtual Café, your Brand Showroom with video room, as well as your interactive masterclasses and deep dive sessions.

2. Demonstrate a strong presence at DMEXCO @home

At DMEXCO @home, there are a vast array of options you can use for interacting with your customers. For that reason, we advise you to clarify in advance which team members are responsible for what in terms of your brand showroom and communication with your target group. For your expo presence to be successful, there should be enough staff members at all times so that visitors can get in touch. In the public spaces, you can contact your target group via text, audio and video chat. You can also invite prospects to private spaces, such as the Virtual Café, in order to conduct customer meetings and sales negotiations. By setting up your own private meeting rooms, you can exclusively present your company and brand.

3. Maintain your contacts after the expo

The key to good contact management is making sure your target group remembers you after DMEXCO @home. Send a mailing to your contacts that includes the most fascinating insights from your expo presence. You can also add links to your sessions, since these will still be available to watch as videos on demand after the expo. By providing an interesting summary of your presence, you will make a longer-lasting impression on your contacts. Whatever you do, you should promptly provide a basis to keep newly generated leads interested: send a follow-up email to relevant customers announcing your next steps and perspectives for collaboration.

Various spaces for networking and presenting products at DMEXCO @home

DMEXCO @home has a number of different spaces for you to choose from for your brand presence, private talks and meetings, as well as deep learning sessions. In our guide, we give you an overview of what DMEXCO @home formats are suitable for what and how to optimally use them.

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