The Future’s Successful Generation of Entrepreneurs

At DMEXCO, the future's successful generation of entrepreneurs will meet in the Start-up Village for two days.

Start-up Village
Start-up Village

Start-ups are an important part of the digital ecosystem. Through a spirit of innovation and new business ideas, they drive transformation and enable paradigm shifts, which often fail or are missed in corporations due to resistance or entrenched structures. In 2018, 200 innovative founders will again demonstrate what business ideas like this can look like in the DMEXCO Start-up Village.Here, young companies from the areas of marketing, media or technology meet investors, potential partners and new customers.In terms of topics, the village is diverse and international. Between meeting units and the two Start-up Stages, the future’s successful generation of entrepreneurs will meet at DMEXCO for two days.


Meeting investors and expanding networks

The Start-up Village has long since established itself as its own format in which the participating start-ups can expand their network through other start-up companies and the 40,000 potential customers. The founders have the opportunity to meet with well-known investors, companies and business angels directly on site and present their business case to them in the Start-up Village and on the stage. All details about the Start-up Village and the application process can be found here.


The return of the “Start-up Hatch”

As a special highlight, DMEXCO is proclaiming the return of the Start-up Hatch this year. As part of this competition, DMEXCO will bring 20 selected start-ups to the big DMEXCO stage for a live presentation.

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