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Finance is the backbone of any business. Companies can only assert themselves in the market and bring their vision to fruition if they are properly managed. When it comes to marketing, however, it’s important to approach the financial side of things in a balanced way without excessive hesitation. The digital transformation in this area must also be factored in. Finance departments and companies around the world are facing major challenges. Their strategy – taking data-driven actions – is timeless, however, and it will be exciting to see how the area of finance develops in the years and decades to come. Finance and controlling Outsiders often perceive finance as a complex, difficult to understand process of aggregating numbers. And, in reality...
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Aleph: Pioneering a New Era in Digital Advertising with Cross-Border Payment Solutions
In an era where digital advertising is creating new opportunities for businesses, Aleph stands tall as a partner of choice due to its innovation and strategic excellence.
Marketing effectiveness – how to make your budget go further
Companies often shy away from investing in adequate marketing control. Maren Seitz, Head of DACH at Analytic Partners, explains to us why measuring marketing efficiency should be an integral part of every strategy.
Breaking through on the market with the right pricing strategy
In theory, it doesn’t matter what product you want to launch as long as you set the right price. Here, we take a look at the seven most important pricing strategies to help you hit the ground running.