Aleph: Pioneering a New Era in Digital Advertising with Cross-Border Payment Solutions

In an era where digital advertising is creating new opportunities for businesses, Aleph stands tall as a partner of choice due to its innovation and strategic excellence.

Aleph Payments: Bridging the gap between advertisers and the world’s largest platforms.
Image: © Aleph

Aleph: Bringing advertisers and renowned platforms together

Operating in 130 primarily emerging countries, Aleph bridges the gap between more than 22,000 advertisers and the world’s largest platforms. With a roster that includes giants like TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Snap, Spotify, Uber, Meta, Microsoft, Twitch, Google, and many more, Aleph has consistently proven its unparalleled reach and capability.

Aleph Payments – a cross-border solution full of trustworthiness

The digital advertising landscape is rapidly evolving. According to eMarketer, the global digital advertising spend is predicted to soar to a whopping $766 billion by 2025. Meanwhile, the transaction value for global remittance and cross-border payments is projected to rise from $37.15 trillion in 2020 to about $39.99 trillion in 2026, as reported by Frost & Sullivan.

Recognizing this potential and leveraging its nearly two decades of experience, Aleph is now launching Aleph Payments, a global cross-border payments and credit underwriting services. Aleph’s extensive history of offering credit underwriting and cross-border payment solutions has already amassed a trustworthiness that is hard to rival. Handling over $2bn in total cross-border credit and payments, Aleph’s expertise, especially in emerging markets, ensures that it is poised to seamlessly integrate its services with new partners and clients.

Adaptability is the key to approach the dynamic advertising business

Gaston Taratuta, the visionary CEO and Founder of Aleph and EY’s esteemed 2022 Entrepreneur of the World, elaborates on the company’s forward-thinking approach. “Our foundation has always been adaptability. The digital industry’s needs are dynamic, and our capability to evolve has been our strength,” he asserts. With plans to extend their cross-border payment and credit underwriting expertise into other niche categories within the digital advertising ecosystem, Aleph aims to alleviate the intricacies of the industry. This allows global ad tech giants to hone in on their primary businesses and empowers local advertisers to adequately finance their ad tech requisites.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Aleph intends to bolster its services for its current global allies such as Spotify, Uber, and Meta. This enhancement aims to transcend the boundaries of digital advertising, encompassing cross-border payments for streaming, mobility, digital services commerce, and more. Additionally, over 5,000 of Aleph’s existing digital-native advertisers, all eager to engage with the global audience, stand to benefit from the vast capabilities of Aleph Payments.

Meet Aleph at DMEXCO 2023 in Cologne

For those interested in a firsthand experience of Aleph’s offerings, the company will be showcasing at DMEXCO in Cologne, DE, from September 20-21, to delve deeper, offers a comprehensive insight into the company’s ventures. (Hall 7, E013 F012)

About Aleph

Aleph Group, Inc is an ecosystem of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that enables the growth of digital marketing. We connect thousands of advertisers with billions of consumers and create markets for local businesses to grow through digital advertising. Aleph is active in more than 130 primarily emerging countries and helps advertisers engage with consumers on over 45 of the world’s leading digital platforms, such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Pinterest, Reddit, Snap, Spotify, TikTok, Twitch, Uber, X (formerly Twitter) and others.

Through tailored solutions built on proprietary technology, through our local teams, we provide media partnerships, proprietary ad tech solutions, digital advertising education and cross-border payment solutions. We excel in expanding into unfamiliar territories and navigating local and central bank regulations Through Aleph Payments, our cross border credit underwriting & payments service, we simplify complexities from KYC, local billing in 49 currencies, collections, tax settlement, exchange settlement, cross-border credits and payments allowing businesses to focus on their main business operations.

Aleph’s approach has been highly successful to date. In recent years, the Group has scaled up to more than 1,600 employees in 65+ offices across 5 continents and has secured investment from institutional partners including CVC Partners, Mercado Libre, Sony, Twitter, and Snap.