Why you shouldn’t miss the DMEXCO Digital Spring Summit!

On May 3, we’ll be getting in the mood for the 2022 event year. The DMEXCO Digital Spring Summit is the starting signal for the digital industry. Continue reading to find out what’s on the agenda!

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DMEXCO Digital Spring Summit: innovative brands and startups shaking up the market

On Tuesday, May 3, we’ll be spending all day diving into everything to do with digital marketing. More than 60 speakers will be delivering insightful lectures and inspiring masterclasses. We’ll be turning our attention to the hottest trending topics of the year: Web3, blockchain, and NFTs.

Piran Asci is one of the three founders of the Berlin-based food startup KoRo and will be talking about how his brand has generated sales of 30 million euros using Instagram and targeted collaborations (session in German).

Adam Harris, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at Twitch, will be explaining how Pringles cracked the gaming scene. All it took was a digital game character to step into the real world and get a taste of the popular savory snack. “Frank the Gaming Zombie” was soon one of the most-viewed streams on Twitch and has set new benchmarks for targeted product placement and advertising. P.S.: Frank himself will also be making an appearance on May 3.

If a 19-year-old can do it, so can you, says Woundioun “Wunni” Sissoko. And he should know, because he was that 19-year-old. Wunni created yamuntu, a social commerce platform that has the potential to turn everyone into an influencer. In his session, he’ll be talking about the advantages of starting from nothing. Now, if that hasn’t whetted your appetite, we’re not sure what will.

Industry newcomer Everdrop wants to improve the market and. above all, make it greener with sustainable household products. Since 2018, it has helped save more than six million plastic bottles. Founder David Löwe will be sharing his vision of how good design, the right idea, and finally a good product ultimately impress the community.

And then there’s the first unicorn from Frankfurt: Chris Lodde, Co-Founder & CMO of the Hesse-based startup CLARK, will be presenting his vision and explaining how his company started out with a promise one day and became a hot industry topic the next. Don’t miss out on him exploring the setbacks and lessons that shaped his online insurance firm’s journey to becoming one of the most-watched companies in Europe.

Digital Spring Summit: the metaverse, NFTs, and Web3

Non-fungible tokens have worked their way out of a niche right into the mainstream at lightning speed. However, many people still aren’t really aware of the enormous potential offered by NFTs. Christopher Obereder says that NFTs could change the world for good.

“I’d say that anything to do with Web3 is worth seeing and hearing, for example Christopher Obereder’s presentation on the ‘Power of NFTs’.”

Professor Dr. Isabell Welpe, Technical University of Munich

Mark Wächter (MWC.mobi), Elmar Arunov (T-Labs), and Clemens Gammer (Project AVE) will be forming a high-profile panel for a reality check of the metaverse. They want to know how existing technologies can be transferred over to business models.

“The session for me has to be ‘State of the Metaverse – A reality check of existing technologies and business models’. It looks like this session will broach a lot of the challenges and perceptions out there, offering some insight into the traction of the metaverse today, the opportunities tomorrow as well as an honest look at the barriers to entry for the consumer and advertiser.”

Mike Hemmings, Oracle Advertising

Free tickets for the Digital Spring Summit

All you have to do to be a part of it all is register for free. Top content awaits you to guide you through 2022. You’ll have the opportunity to network, exchange insights, and arrange meetings with other members of the DMEXCO community.

“We have a rich selection of top content, this time with a particular focus on the DACH region. What’s more, it’s totally free and can be accessed from the comfort of people’s offices or homes.”

Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO

By registering, you’ll also gain access to all the keynotes, panels, masterclasses, and partner content from DMEXCO @home 2021.