Guide: Why a CDP is essential to your marketing strategy

The customer data platform – or CDP for short – is currently one of the most exciting sales and marketing tools. Our guide explains why it should become an indispensable part of your marketing strategy.

A CDP compiles data from various departments and areas and enables easy and smooth access to it.
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Third-party cookies are a thing of the past and the CDP is the future

The future is all about first-party data. Far from leaving your marketing strategy in ruins, the end of third-party tracking will mean that data analysis will become clearer and more transparent. But you will need a reliable tool to optimize your data analysis – and that comes in the form of a CDP.

Data, data, data: Getting personal with the CDP

In the future, sales and marketing campaigns will increasingly be customized to their target group, but this approach will only succeed if it is based on solid data. There are numerous touchpoints that you can track in order to collect a wide variety of information about your customers. A CDP will help you prepare and evaluate that information, and then use it in your campaigns. Take the right approach and you will be rewarded with 360-degree profiles of your customers.

Data protection and the CDP

If you want to operate in compliance with data protection measures specified in the GDPR, you need an overview of the data that is collected. A CDP enables you to manage all the important data legally and transparently, all with just one tool. That is a huge help, especially since day-to-day work often involves using a variety of different resources. And the CDP really shines when it comes to work that involves more than one department.

Digitalization is not just the latest trend in the advertising industry, it's the new status quo.

Decision-makers can no longer avoid smart and optimized applications when it comes to handling the ever-increasing volumes of data in a way that is both purposeful and success-boosting.

Ensuring long-term customer loyalty with data-driven marketing

Customers’ needs are becoming increasingly differentiated and diverse; but at the same time, they are being captured and stored in greater detail than ever before. That may sound complicated and time-consuming, but it is the key to huge opportunities. After all, if you can meet your customers’ specific requirements, then you can ensure they stay loyal to your brand. That in turn allows you to offer them your best services in the long term, make sure that you stand out from the competition, and impress as many people as possible with your performance. They will reward you with their loyalty to your brand!

CDP marketing: Get your guide

Our guide contains detailed information on how a CDP can have a crucial impact on your marketing strategy. We’ve rounded up the best reasons for implementing a CDP.

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