WeWork at DMEXCO @home: the workplace of tomorrow

WeWork will be enriching this year’s DMEXCO @home as an exhibitor and giving visitors insights into the future world of work. In this interview, the team reveals what presentations WeWork is planning and what the American company specialized in coworking spaces is expecting from the event.

WeWork will be presenting its vision of the workplace of tomorrow as an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home.
Image: © WeWork

#1 Why do you want to be a part of DMEXCO @home?

As we’re reimagining how and where we will work after Covid-19, DMEXCO @home is a great opportunity for us to connect with global industry leaders on the office world of the future. Just in time for DMEXCO, we have also launched our new global brand campaign “That’s How Tomorrow Works” and look forward to presenting this to the DMEXCO audience.

#2 What product / business idea are you going to present at DMEXCO @home?

We’re presenting our flexible workspace solutions, ranging from access to single hot desks around the globe to exclusive headquarters that we’re designing and operating for companies. All workspaces foster collaboration while prioritizing safety and wellbeing, hence they are the perfect solution for anyone looking to adapt their workplace strategy after Covid-19.

Image: © WeWork

#3 What measures are you taking to boost your DMEXCO presence?

Our Managing Director Northern and Central Europe, Niki Kolev, will give some interesting insights into the future of work and why flexible workspaces are more important than ever.

#4 What are your expectations for DMEXCO @home?

We were very impressed by how quickly the DMEXCO team has shifted their physical event into a professional multimedia format and look forward to making use of the comprehensive channels to present the workplace of the future and connect with global industry leaders.

It has long been clear that the working world of tomorrow is increasingly coming into focus, especially in times of home office and new work. Visit DMEXCO @home and exchange ideas directly with WeWork.

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