pilot talks about brand communication and its presence at DMEXCO @home

Media, creation, and technology: successful brand communication is best left to the professionals. Uli Kramer is co-founder of the “pilot” communications agency and knows how important it is to have the right concept.

The “pilot” communications agency will be exhibiting at DMEXCO @home 2021 in September.
Uli Kramer from pilot talks about brand communication and the company’s presence at DMEXCO @home.

Please describe your company and business model in a few words. What vision or mission drives you? Why are you the right partner for your customers, and what USPs and benefits can you offer them?

Uli Kramer: pilot taps into the opportunities that the modern media and advertising landscape has to offer in order to maximize the impact of our customers’ marketing and media investments. With nearly 500 employees, we cover a wide range of services in the fields of media, creation, and technology, because we are convinced that in such a complex world, we can get the most out of the allocated advertising budget by closely intertwining diverse skills. Our agency group is owner-led and independent. That makes us agile and ensures speedy processes, a high level of innovation, and a strong focus on the needs of our customers. It’s how we have come to be one of the most successful agencies in Germany.

What persuaded you to make this year’s DMEXCO @home even better by becoming an exhibitor?

Uli Kramer: As a communications agency, being referred to as a DMEXCO “exhibitor” doesn’t quite sit right with us. We see ourselves more as an idea generator and intermediary between advertisers and media or tech providers. In this role, for us it’s all about the dialogue between providers and consumers, since it gives rise to new impetus for successful brand communication.


Like last year, this year’s virtual DMEXCO @home is an ideal platform for us in this respect.

“Setting new priorities” is the motto of DMEXCO 2021. What does that mean for you? What new priorities and focuses do you want to define for the future?

Uli Kramer: We have all learned a lot in the pandemic, for example about new forms of collaboration and changes in media and consumer behavior. These insights are now changing how we work on many levels and shifting our focus in one or two areas. However, our number one priority will always be to achieve the biggest impact from the money that our customers invest in their advertising.

What solutions, products, or business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home, and which of the features (masterclasses, roundtables, lectures, etc.) will you be using?

Uli Kramer: This year as well, we won’t be presenting standardized “products” behind a virtual shop window. Instead, we will be present with our agency’s full range of services and revealing new research findings that can be used to derive valuable recommendations for brand communication after the crisis is over.

We will be using various features at this year’s DMEXCO @home: in addition to participating in the agency summit, we will also deliver a masterclass and a lecture on engaging topics.

What supplementary measures (e.g. mailings, advertising, campaigns) have you planned for your DMEXCO 2021 presence?

Uli Kramer: At pilot, we always develop a comprehensive communication concept encompassing numerous corporate content measures when we are involved in official functions and event cooperations. This year, we will again be posting a vast array of carefully selected content on social media.

What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home? What do you think the advantages of this virtual format are as compared to an in-person event?

Uli Kramer: The first virtual DMEXCO last year gave us a chance to try out lots of new formats – from the digital masterclass to one-on-one chats at the virtual expo booth. We evaluated the findings we obtained as a result and now know much better what works for us and what doesn’t. On this basis, we will be starting out with a polished concept this year to allow us to communicate our current focuses to our customers and market partners. The fact that contacts are more personalized compared to in-person seminars, masterclasses, or discussion panels with anonymous visitors has great potential. But we’re also very conscious of a virtual format’s shortcomings when it comes to serving the important functions of an in-person event. We will still miss personally interacting and casually bumping into people in the hustle and bustle of the expo halls this year. But that only makes us all the more excited for DMEXCO 2022 …

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