Feel the Digital World

Three trending topics for the Experience Stage: Virtual & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Blockchain


Feel. Experience. Understand. The Experience Stage takes this approach in getting closer to innovative technologies and shows − more or less on the living object − how VR, artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain can be used to transform the business. Quickly and promptly. Efficiently and sustainably. On this stage, the decision-makers and people of action of the international digital industry present their latest projects − and let the about 700 spectators experience them live. From robots to marketing strategies with VR goggles: at the Experience Stage, DMEXCO visitors learn how technologies actually work.


Trending topics 2018

As every year, the industry will be talking about particularly strong trends in 2018. The Experience Stage will focus on these three topics.


Internet of Things

From talking bottles to completely networked cities. The Internet of Things is conquering the living space − and thus offering numerous possibilities for marketing. What is it like to live in a smart city, and what opportunities are there for companies to add value there? How do marketers benefit when their tagged products suddenly provide information about the use of the product after the customer has purchased it? This component creates a new important touchpoint. The circle in the Customer Lifetime Cycle is closed − with new opportunities for the optimization of product and customer communication.



The Blockchain is considered a revolution of the Internet: Suddenly it is possible to break down exactly how the value chain runs along marketing. This gives the triangle of social media, the media and marketing new transparency and optimizes management of advertising media. But blockchain also promises new growth in other areas with its decentralized infrastructure. For example, in transaction processes beyond the financial sector, such as the utilization of hotel beds, through to customer loyalty.


Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Virtual and extended worlds are on the advance: Previously considered “nice to have” in marketing plans, the formerly rather playful approaches are now gradually turning into tangible use cases with added value. At DMEXCO, renowned experts from the field and pioneers will show how VR and AR are finding their way into brand communication and how consumers are responding.


The Experience Stage is located in the Congress Center North and offers space for around 700 people. Be there and get inspiration, experience innovation and discover trends at DMEXCO 2018, in Cologne on September 12 & 13.