10 valuable tips for your digital DMEXCO expo presence 2020

Purely digital and decentralized – DMEXCO 2020 will be DMEXCO @home and will embrace focused networking and intensive interaction with the global community. In our 10 tips, we reveal what you need to consider as an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home!

Exhibit digitally at DMEXCO @home and unleash your full business potential.
Image: ©DMEXCO @home

#1 Book now and start preparing

Do you want to be an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home? You have until August 30, 2020, to secure your virtual presence at the digital expo. As early as mid-September, your exhibitor profile will be visible and you can get active on the platform.

Carefully thought-out project management and a roadmap with deadlines will give you an overview before the expo begins. At the start of September, you should already familiarize yourself with the conference program and attendee list.

#2 Establish your first contacts and allocate free guest tickets

Even before the expo starts, you can use your exhibitor profile to arrange appointments, view and download the visitor database, and make contacts via text chat. When the expo kicks off on September 23, additional features, such as audio and video chat, will be enabled centrally.

Exhibitors can also benefit from the full scope of DMEXCO networking thanks to a special offer: DMEXCO @home is giving all registered exhibitors an unlimited number of free guest tickets for their virtual presence. With your personal guest account, you will be able to reach existing and interesting new customers quickly and conveniently. What’s more, it will enable you to generate even more leads, greater awareness, and maximum reach for your digital expo presence. So invite your target group now for free and offer all your guests access to:

  • Your live sessions
  • Your interactive master classes and deep dives
  • Your private space in the virtual cafe
  • Your brand showroom with video room

If your guests want to enjoy everything else that DMEXCO @home has to offer, they can also purchase a regular visitor ticket, of course.

#3 Define specific goals and measures

To ensure that your networking is smooth, targeted, and strategic, it’s a good idea to cleverly plan the design and content of your brand showroom in advance. You should keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Communication topic and communication plan

What key message do you want to convey? What keywords will optimally list you in a full-text search?

  • Look and feel of your brand card

Make yourself visible with a fresh design: complement your brand card with social media visuals, email campaigns, and brochures.

  • Add-ons for more visibility

Boost your reach with notifications, a hot shot package, or top-of-the-list placement.

  • Content planning for your brand showroom

Unique and interesting content with added value, such as whitepapers and video clips, will entice your guests to explore for longer.

#4 External marketing and target groups

Plug your digital presence ahead of the expo: advertise that you’re exhibiting at DMEXCO @home on your website and in your email signature. Defining your target group in advance, for example using the Discovery Graph, is a good way to identify relevant keywords for specifically searching for customers during the expo. You should also send out guest tickets and lure customers with special deals or goodies – creative customer gifts are still possible, even though you won’t be able to give away freebies in person.

#5 Your brand showroom: responsibilities and internal organization

It is essential to define clear roles in your brand showroom if you want your digital presence to be perfect. Make sure that your employees familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and upload their own profile picture before the expo starts. All colleagues should know and have internalized your key messages – only then will your virtual presence be a success.

Strategically distributing roles and responsibilities is not only beneficial in terms of internal structuring, but it also makes it possible to establish contacts, arrange meetings with customers, and share content smoothly. A schedule for the various content to be uploaded on the expo days should also be visible to everyone.

#6 Be reachable during the digital expo

Just like at a physical trade show, a strong presence is the key to exhibiting successfully on a digital platform. To guarantee that visitors can reach you, several contact persons from your team should ideally be available at all times. As an exhibitor, you can also invite visitors to private spaces in order to conduct private customer meetings or sales negotiations.

Don’t forget to actively get involved in DMEXCO @home and make new contacts in public spaces: exhibitors and visitors can communicate with each other via text, audio or video chat. To generate more attention, you can join in the chats of interesting and well-attended sessions or specifically search for relevant contacts there. Comprehensive contact management is an absolute must if you want to generate more leads, achieve maximum ROI, and strengthen your brand.

#7 Use your private space for exclusive communication

In the virtual cafe, you’ll find your private space for talking to partners and visitors. By setting up your own private meeting rooms, you can exclusively present your company and brand. Whether through marketing events, speeches, or presentations, showcase yourself as an expert and thought leader in your specialized field and attract your target group’s interest from among our global community.

#8 Benefit from the aftereffects of DMEXCO @home as an exhibitor

Your session will be available to all attendees via video on demand even after the expo has ended. Include them in your communication after DMEXCO @home and generate valuable leads once the event has finished.

#9 Send a thank-you email to existing and newly acquired customers

Sending your customers, contacts, and new leads a nice thank-you email containing an entertaining summary of your expo presence, contact information, and links to your sessions is the perfect opportunity to jointly reflect on a successful expo.

#10 Follow up on relevant customers

Did you have interesting and successful talks and win over new customers during the digital expo? Then send a prompt and attractive follow-up containing the precise next steps in order to hold onto the acquired customer contact.