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Punk rock, empathy and relationships: what kind of future do we want?

Podcast Episode 20
Podcast Episode 20
SAP\'s Martin Wezowski: with punk rock and respect for customers
DMEXCO Podcast Host Katja Nettesheim and Martin Wezowski

As a head designer and futurist at the SAP Innovation Center Network, Martin Wezowski’s mission (@martinwezowski) is to evaluate innovations and technologies with an eye to determining which future visions will pay off, and the role software might play in this. As a young punk rocker, Wezowski learned that mistakes can be all right in a safe environment and even foster creativity. Handelsblatt, the newspaper for business and finance, describes him as a “software visionary” and ranks him among the “100 smartest minds in Germany.”

His approach is not to predict the future but to explore possible directions for the future. The future isn’t predictable; it develops.

In the podcast interview, he tells us how marketers should fill their products with value and emotion. He discusses successful examples, his own experience and every successful company’s need to have a justify its relevance ten years down the road.

“Punk rock and Innovation are the same thing.”

As had designer at SAP, Martin Wezowski envisions new products and services from the point of view of a relationship: working from a relationship with the customer, relevant features, products and services are developed that sustain and expand this relationship. In a conversation with Katja, Wezowski explains why, to him, marketing and design are only two different languages in which these relationships can be cultivated.

“We need to learn to feel like our customers. Their joy, their pain and their passions.”

For Wezowski, the greatest challenge for the future in the fact that companies need to develop empathy for their customers and generate awareness in order to build genuine relationships with their customers.

In that same vein:

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