What can women’s networks offer today?

Business women’s networks are booming, with everyone talking about them – as evidenced by hashtags like #femalepower and #femalebusiness on social media. We asked four successful women about the advantages of women’s networks.

Women’s networks offer excellent networking opportunities and are catching on
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What inspired networks for women?

The old line of thought was that behind every great man is a great woman. Nowadays, though, behind every great woman is a network of great women! The opportunities for women to interact professionally have exploded in recent years. As more women gained access to new professional fields and climbed to the top of the career ladder, one women’s leadership network emerged after the other. Of course, “old, white men” still occupy the top board roles in many places. But the tide is turning.

“Men have more experience in this field! Even in ancient times, there were professional associations, or councils. Lodges and guilds thrived in the Middle Ages with the aim of advancing the interests of specific occupational groups.”

Anna Kaiser, co-founder of Tandemploy and encourageventures

Co-founder of the “encourageventures” women’s network: Anna Kaiser

Stronger together

Women’s networks foster interaction across generations and industries. All members benefit from one another as part of a community. Successful women (and those who aspire to be) are given a clear framework to interact on a level playing field.

“It is good for women to have a protected environment to discuss certain things, whether job promotions, homeschooling, or difficult issues such as sexism.”

Katharina Wolff, publisher of STRIVE Magazine

Publisher of “STRIVE” business magazine: Katharina Wolff

Personally interacting with women who have gone through similar experiences in their life boosts confidence. In possession of fresh courage and greater motivation, every single woman can work harder on themselves and toward their professional dreams.

Woman to woman: coalition instead of competition

Setting benchmarks, enhancing skills, and learning from each other’s experiences: the opportunities offered by a women’s network are wide-ranging. Trusting relationships are formed with other women who, for example, can act as mentors and provide inspiration for one’s own career. And we all know that good connections go a long way – both personally and professionally. Many jobs are offered on the back of personal recommendations. Women’s networks are more than just networking. Women can combine their skills, do business together, and collaborate.

“In targeted networks, we form alliances, can grow together, and give each other easy access to important resources, such as knowledge, contacts, best practices, and funding. Standing shoulder to shoulder breeds strength and visibility.”

Anke Beeren, founder of the JOINT FORCES club

Anke Beeren founded the JOINT FORCES club

However, the direct interaction, relationship building, and easier access to job opportunities are not everything. Most networks also offer their members a range of workshops, presentations, work materials, and events.

“Female communities give women the opportunity to interact on a level playing field and learn from other women. As a result, the women become more independent and confident, and in my community, they also consequently earn more money or take control of their finances and earn their own money.”

Tanja Lenke, founder of she-preneur

Tanja Lenke from she-preneur helps female entrepreneurs
Image: © Emanuele Siracusa

Women’s networks – an enriching experience for every woman

Anna Kaiser, Katharina Wolff, Anke Beeren, and Tanja Lenke are four very different women who decided to establish a network, community, association, club, or magazine specially for women – with the aim of promoting their personal and professional development. And there are a lot more examples out there! Women can and should get informed, gain an overview of the various networks available, and find the right one for them.


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