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How smartphones are changing buying patterns

Whether at home or on the road, streaming or shopping – instead of laboriously booting up our laptops and computers, we quickly pull out our smartphone or tablet. There is no doubt that the mobile market is booming. For marketers, this means a series of changes. Mobile use is changing buying patterns, bringing new payment options, new ad formats and new ways to collect data. Apps, in particular, offer advertisers a number of new opportunities that they should definitely take advantage of.

In our e-book we have summarized a series of articles in the categories Business, Media, Marketing and Technology. There you will find current figures, data and facts on the subject of mobile in digital business. You’ll also learn all about the trends you should be looking for now. Practical examples show you how it works.

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These are the topics in our e-book:


  • Mobile first – Creation first:

It is not only mobile-optimized ad formats that are important for mobile campaigns to be effective. Advertising must succeed in captivating the users.

  • How Progressive Web Apps are stoking mobile commerce


  • Facts and figures on mobile use in Germany
  • 3 Trends in Mobile Advertising:

Mobile advertising continues to be one of the hopes of the advertising industry and will define new trends in 2019.

  • Benefits promote usage:

Online sales via shopping apps are increasing, but usage remains constant. Merchants should make sure their apps are actually used. Added value and personalization help score points.

  • How wearables contribute to customer loyalty
  • WhatsApp: The giant is opening up to business


  • Mobile data – and it’s added value for marketing

Data generated by smartphones enable new marketing strategies. Daniel Rieber (MMA) explains how.


  • How smartphones are changing buying patterns:

Smartphones have become an integral part of online purchasing processes. Here’s a look at what has to be considered and which trends are important.

  • China mutating into Silicon Dragon
  • Five trends in the mobile communications market
  • Why 5G will turn everything upside down
  • How Apple and Google are changing the way people pay

Why things are changing when it comes to payment in Germany and how online and offline retail can benefit from it.


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