Toolkit: 18 Instagram tools to make your brand take off!

Do you want more followers on your brand’s Instagram page? Then there are apps that can really help you. In our toolkit, we reveal which Instagram tools are especially useful.

Find out here which Instagram tools are truly practical.
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Instagram fame using a strategic approach

Globally, Instagram had more than a billion users in 2020. In this respect, the platform is currently one of the most important marketing channels for companies. However, it can often be particularly challenging to leverage the potential of the platform to boost brand awareness. That’s because Instagram thrives on high-quality posts – unlike TikTok, for example, where even a blurry smartphone pic can go viral in an instant. There are a range of Instagram tools that all marketers should have in their personal toolkit to make it easy to schedule posts and create high-quality content without investing a huge amount of time.

Instagram tools: the essentials at a glance

Live stories, reels, guides, and now a shopping channel to boot – if you use Instagram, you’ll have no doubt come across the platform’s various features. To unlock their full potential and take your social media marketing to the next level on Instagram, it is worth taking a look at the vast array of Instagram tools that have emerged on the market.

By equipping yourself with a good toolkit, there will be nothing standing in the way of increasing your visibility and improving the quality of your content even further. Layout and image editing apps should be at the top of your list, but software for planning and scheduling posts is also important. The better your posts are tailored to your target group – whether in terms of the interests or time zones of your followers – the greater your brand’s chances of being successful on Instagram.

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How to make content “Instagrammable”

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Instagram for B2B marketing or B2C communication: imagery should be your number one priority. Powerful images and a consistent design in your Instagram feed are the key to success. Applying the same filter and editing style to your image material is one way to achieve that. Once you have harmonized the overall look of your feed, there are some additional finer details you can tweak to further optimize your Instagram presence:

  • Captions: Although visual content takes center stage on Instagram, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of image captions. A powerful caption isn’t just the cherry on the cake when it comes to a successful feed post, it’s also a great way of promoting interaction.
  • Hashtags: No matter how top-notch and inspiring your post is, it will fall short of the desired reach if it doesn’t incorporate the right hashtags. Aside from increasing visibility, relevant hashtags also offer creative ways of improving target group engagement – for example, by starting a hashtag contest.
  • Analytics: Of course, if you want your marketing on Instagram to be successful, you also need to measure your success. For your strategy to be and remain effective, you should monitor which campaigns work well and which ones not so well – and why.

Your toolkit for an impressive Instagram presence

If you want your social media marketing to pay off and set you apart from the competition on Instagram, you need to plan your posts well and have an eye for detail. Combining attention-grabbing themes and powerful communication with high-quality imagery and an appealing design is the only way to ensure that your advertising message is seen and heard. Our free toolkit gives you an overview of the most important programs!

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