The how and why of community building

Learn here how community building can give your company a competitive edge.

Community building boosts your social media presence.
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Community building – taking social media followers to the next level

The clue for the success of social networking sites is in the name: they give people a platform to interact socially and feel like they belong. It all stems from humanity’s innate desire to be part of a community and share experiences.

So it’s no surprise that 85 percent of all Germans now use social media according to a recent study conducted by We Are Social and Meltwater. The affluent upcoming generations who have grown up as digital natives are particularly well represented on these platforms. In many people’s everyday lives, social media doesn’t seem to be slowing down in terms of its importance and popularity, making it still an indispensable space for marketers to implement their strategies.

To achieve real, lasting success on the social media scene, marketing experts need to align their actions with users’ longing for networking and community. And that’s where social media marketing comes in by actively building and managing that community. When done well, this approach can help marketers turn followers into a strong, active, and loyal community that encourages its members to engage and interact – not only with each other, but also with the company acting as their moderator.

Strategies for community building on social media

If you have a strong social media community, even your organic posts, i.e. those with no advertising budget behind them, will generate a wide reach. Your company will also benefit from greater visibility and relevance in precisely the environment where you can present yourself as a brand, which could put you on the radar of potential new community members for the first time. What’s more, your company is more likely to be talked about and recommended to others by your community if you form a stronger brand connection with your customers and followers.


That’s what makes community building so important for marketing your company. Likewise, community management also plays an essential role on social media.

The good news is that community building is neither a fluke nor rocket science. You can draw on specific, tried-and-tested techniques to establish an active community. These include choosing the right platform for your community, networking with multipliers and influencers within that community, and incentivizing them. You’ll find detailed tips in our guide, which you can download here.