Take C.A.R.E. – Motto and Motivation for the Industry

The motto of the DMEXCO 2018 shows: The digital economy is aware of users’ needs.


As digitalization finds its way into more and more areas of business and life, the more numerous the critics become. The media coverage in recent months has been grist to the mill for the skeptics. Whether data scandals, alleged election manipulation, the dominance of the Internet giants or the fear of job losses in the age of artificial intelligence – the reasons were plentiful. The digital economy is aware of this. There is no mistaking the call for change. More transparent communication and the definition of new values are at the core of the ongoing debate. With the conference motto „Take C.A.R.E.“, the DMEXCO is taking up this debate without pointing a finger.


Stay curious!

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” This often-quoted appeal was made by Steve Jobs in his speech to Stanford University freshmen in 2005. It is a vehement plea for continuous curiosity. The DMEXCO will continue to deliver food for thought for hungry, curious visitors in 2018. In the form of trends on the Conference Stages or through the approximately 200 start-ups presenting themselves to the trade visitors. Really new things are rarely created on the drawing board. New strategies or business models need courage, open-mindedness and sometimes even a touch of madness. In our motto, the C. stands for curiosity. Our wish: stay curious!


Act consciously!

Change calls for a consistent approach and clear commitment. Digitalization must therefore be a management issue. Even when the stone is set in motion in small teams or outside day-to-day business in protected spaces, this has consequences for the entire organization, teamwork and culture. The DMEXCO provides examples of how this process can be controlled, and we look beyond the horizon. International speakers and trendsetters will also address topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, new working and data ethics.


Take responsibility!

Change can only be molded actively. It doesn’t come by itself. The DMEXCO provides inspiration and impetus that will fizzle out in day-to-day business if no one takes responsibility for putting them into action. What applies to the transformation of traditional business also applies to the digital economy itself. Here too, patterns of action have become established over the years and need to be questioned. The much-trumpeted user guidance, against the backdrop of the new data protection requirements, thus gets a new dimension which the industry is facing up to.


Create experiences!

All too often the term “digitalization” is used synonymously with efficiency. This might overlook the fact that digital solutions make things possible that we could hardly have imagined just a few years ago. When we talk about the digital future – whether at the Conference or Exposition – it must also be about stimulating the imagination of interested visitors and allowing them to “experience” things in the truest sense of the word. The DMEXCO offers plenty of scope for such experiences: at the World of Experience or the Congress Stage and Motion Stage, and with numerous exhibitors whose products and solutions can be tried out.

Take C.A.R.E. – this is not a warning, but a reinforcement: on the one hand, to provide valuable input for the DMEXCO drivers (exhibitors and speakers). And on the other for all visitors to use this input and make their business fit for the future.