Social commerce: 7 tips for your Black Friday marketing

Our whitepaper reveals how to get the most out of your Black Friday marketing in 2023 by leveraging social commerce.

Hit the jackpot on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with social commerce.
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Black Friday still eagerly anticipated

The global economy is currently facing several crises at once – including high inflation, which is putting pressure on consumer behavior in many parts of the world. In light of these unfavorable conditions, you’d think that Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the most important dates in the retail year, would have also lost momentum. But think again! Thanks to a range of factors, e-commerce companies can particularly look forward to a profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023.

In the run-up to Black Friday 2023, retailers will be able to build on the success of this summer’s Amazon Prime Day. Held on July 11 and 12, this global shopping event was Amazon’s most successful individual sales campaign of all time, according to the company itself. That’s a good indicator for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which traditionally bring in huge sales.

But it’s not just Amazon’s experiences that promise an enormous shopping boom ahead of Christmas: Adobe has already ventured an outlook by presenting encouraging figures for online retailers. For the U.S., the software company predicts to see a growth in sales of 5.7 percent on Black Friday and even 6.1 percent on Cyber Monday compared to last year. So, there is a lot of potential to tap into – if you implement the right strategy.

Grow your e-commerce business with Black Friday marketing

In the run-up to Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate a large proportion of annual sales for many retailers, making them the most important selling days of the year. To make the most of these key dates, your strategy needs to be on point. The measures set out in our whitepaper will help you optimally equip your company to guarantee turbocharged sales.

Social commerce is a must in your Black Friday strategy

If you haven’t already, you should quickly invest in your Black Friday online marketing and make sure you incorporate everything that social commerce has to offer. Last year, this discipline was still a relatively new trend, but it’s now become an essential part of the marketing mix for many companies.

The importance of the social aspect for online shoppers is demonstrated by the fact that e-commerce giant Amazon, which is actually in competition with the social media platforms, recently launched a new feature called “Consult-a-Friend”. This innovative social shopping feature makes it easier for Amazon’s customers to get a second opinion from friends about products they’re interested in. As a result, Amazon hopes to boost its conversion rate – all by embracing the power of a social buying experience.

With all that in mind, our whitepaper containing seven tips for implementing your marketing ideas in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a must-read.