Shopware talks about its presence at DMEXCO @home

E-commerce enthusiast Shopware will be exhibiting a fresh SaaS solution at DMEXCO @home – Stefan Zessel, Director of Sales at Shopware, tells us more about it.

Shopware will be presenting the Shopware Cloud at DMEXCO @home.

#1 Why are you attending this year’s DMEXCO @home as an exhibitor?

DMEXCO @home has succeeded in incorporating very popular aspects of a live expo in a digital form. The range of possibilities is impressive and it’s the perfect solution for exchanging ideas within the industry during the current situation.

#2 What product / business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home?

The focus will obviously be on our e-commerce software Shopware 6, which is our answer to an increasingly complex e-commerce world in which connectivity and technology are rapidly becoming more and more important. This year, we will also be presenting Shopware Cloud – our brand-new SaaS solution – for the first time ever at a DMEXCO.

#3 Which of the features (master classes, spaces, sessions, etc.) will you be using to present this? And what form will they take (a roadshow for example)?

DMEXCO @home offers a lot of exciting options for sharing content with attendees. We want to use the master classes to present fashion cases and highlight how projects can be successfully designed in both the B2B and B2C sector. We will also be showing how a clear strategy, targeted focus topics, and the right software can help retailers on the path to success. After all, e-commerce is a profit center and requires good technological support.

#4 What supplementary measures have you planned (mailings, advertising, campaigns)?

As we do every year, we will be implementing an array of marketing measures to promote our participation in this DMEXCO edition. These will include newsletter advertising, mentioning it in our email footers, blog articles, a press release, telling customers about it during phone conversations, and more.

#5 What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home?

We know that an online event will never be able to replace the personal interaction you get during an on-site event. However, the audience at DMEXCO has spawned a high-quality exchange of ideas as well as high-caliber leads in previous years, and we are certain that this year will be no different despite the circumstances.