Oracle in an interview with DMEXCO

This year’s DMEXCO will see software and hardware manufacturer Oracle participating again. In this interview, Daniel Renggli – Director CX Field Marketing North & Midmarket EMEA – reveals what new features the company will be introducing at DMEXCO @home.

In addition to a master class, Oracle will be presenting the Oracle Cloud CX in detail.
Oracle sind zu Gast in der DMEXCO @home

#1 Why do you want to be a part of DMEXCO @home?

Well, Oracle’s presence at DMEXCO is almost a tradition now, and our engagement last year was a great success and we therefore found a lot of internal supporters who wanted to go even bigger this year. But then everything changed all of a sudden, as we all know. Once we learned about DMEXCO @home, the virtual version of the event, it was immediately obvious to us that we would participate in some form or other.

#2 What product are you going to present at DMEXCO @home?

Oracle has a broad portfolio of business applications but, due to the nature of DMEXCO and its primarily targeted audiences, we will first and foremost present customer experience solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, and service. We’ll talk about and demo applications that use customer signals and real-time intelligence to deliver customized experiences across marketing, sales, and service. Personalized marketing both in B2C and in B2B is crucial for the success of a company in the experience economy and perhaps more important than ever these days. We will showcase how machine learning and artificial intelligence will make marketers’ lives easier and contribute to the success of an organization.

#3 Which features (master classes, spaces, sessions, etc.) are you going to make use of and how are you integrating those into your general marketing concept?

Starting with the highlights: Nate Skinner, our Global Marketing Leader, Oracle Cloud CX, will deliver a keynote on the subject of “Customer Experience in the Next Normal” and our Group VP for Product Management of Oracle Cloud CX, Des Cahill, will deliver what you call a “statement” on the topic of “Mastering Customer Signals in the Experience Economy”. In addition, Julian Eisfeld, Data Strategy Lead, Oracle Cloud CX, will talk about our Customer Intelligence Platform and how to activate the full potential of customers’ data in a master class, and various other subject matter experts will host several roundtables in our virtual showroom. Moreover, we are currently talking to one of our customers, a well-known brand, who we would like to be part of one of our two lectures, and we are also working on the content for our deep dive session. Finally, Harald Behnke, Director CX Strategy EMEA, Oracle Cloud CX, will be part of the panel on the topic of “Evolution of Touchpoints”.

#4 What other measures are you taking to boost your DMEXCO presence?

We will send out eblasts to our target audiences and will provide invitation templates to our sales representatives with the intention that they will invite customers and prospects to our roundtables and one-to-one conversations. In addition, you will see lots of social media posts and a promotion on our website. To be successful, a lot of internal communication is needed on top.

#5 What are your expectations for DMEXCO @home?

For the success of our engagement and a decent return on investment, we depend on the organizers of DMEXCO @home to invest heavily in the promotion of this event in order to attract a large audience – overall and to our sessions. Furthermore, we expect perfect organization and the use of the right technology to host this event without any technical issues. What we can’t expect are the same results as for the physical event last year, but we are aiming at 50 percent when it comes to leads, opportunities, and pipeline value. After all, going virtual is also a great opportunity to attract more people in markets DMEXCO has not been recognized much so far, to attract people from far away who would not have traveled to Cologne.