Countdown to the hype is true

This year’s will once again immerse you in the vast world of Web3. Read more about it here!

The “” Web3 event will be held at DMEXCO 2023.
Image: © Koelnmesse GmbH, Uwe Weiser is coming back for seconds

2022’s was the first Web3 event to take place at DMEXCO – and the launch was a resounding success. The entire German Web3 community and countless international players gathered in Cologne to interact and network. Plenty of newbies were also captivated by the visionary content and informative presentations delivered by the enthusiastic Web3 pioneers. So there was no doubt that the event, co-organized by, would make a return to DMEXCO 2023, taking place on September 20 and 21.

Community and co-creation take center stage at 2023

Web3 innovators are actively leveraging new technologies to create a new Internet that gives users more say and power. With that in mind, this year’s will put an even greater emphasis on the idea of community and the principle of co-creation. To bring these themes to life, the event will embrace gamification and incentivization of community interactions.



Many Web3 applications incorporate the idea that active participation deserves recognition and should also be materially or financially rewarded. In keeping with that, content and interaction are decentralized and democratized.

If you can identify with these values, then don’t miss out on this year’s!

Curious about immersive experiences?

If you’re a marketer wanting to find out how to create immersive experiences for your company or brand, then we have the perfect Web3 conference for you. will take you on a deep dive into the brand-new concept of immersive retail, which leverages virtual transactions and 3D/AR/XR applications to create a revolutionary customer experience.

The Web3 expo will show you how the concepts are already being used in practice in the digital space by avant-garde brands.

Meet thought leaders from the Web3 community

At this year’s, the sector’s pioneers will be sharing their insights again.

The event’s speakers include Kerry Murphy, co-founder and CEO of The Fabricant, an innovative digital fashion house. The company wants to build a decentralized fashion industry that values the fashion creators – and gives them an appropriate share of the profits.

Moonblock is also an interesting yet completely different Web3 business. Its Web3 software packages focus on organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data from the Web3 universe on behalf of companies. Moonblock’s co-founder and CEO Anne Greul will also be speaking at and imparting her knowledge.

These are just two top names from the Web3 scene who will form part of the unique lineup that is set to fill’s booths and stages with forward-thinking ideas and content centering around NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse. at DMEXCO 2023: a must-see!

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse, you shouldn’t miss at DMEXCO 2023 in Cologne on September 20 and 21. Tickets for the event are now available from the DMEXCO ticket shop and give you access to two days packed full of content and networking opportunities for all things Web3.