Mapp in interview with DMEXCO

“Empower marketers and brands to break out from the pack” – that is Mapp’s mission. In this interview, Michael Diestelberg reveals how Mapp wants to put this message into practice as an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home and what the company is expecting from the digital expo:

As an exhibitor, Mapp will be enriching DMEXCO @home with four master classes.
Image: © Mapp / DMEXCO

1. Why are you attending this year’s DMEXCO @home as an exhibitor?

Despite our initial hesitation, we at Mapp decided that now is the time to really show our presence this year at DMEXCO @home. Even though the event lives off active networking, we are convinced that the virtual format will be extremely popular – and with its interactive options of unprecedented quality, it will also set the benchmark for future digital industry events. In our opinion, the condensed digital program that is accessible from anywhere offers enormous potential for networking and interaction, which of course is particularly important in such difficult times.

2. What product/business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home?

Our DMEXCO @home presence will be all about insight-based customer engagement. This is our holistic approach to data-based, customer-centric marketing in the cloud, which can be used to gain valuable insights from user data and then utilize them for personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns – with the aim of supporting regular and long-lasting customer interactions. We are positioning this Mapp-specific approach as a countermodel to marketing decisions that are still being made by more than half of all advertisers (58%) based on a gut feeling. Insights are a much more reliable and effective alternative and can be used easily by marketing managers and agency staff, even without the relevant technical background. We show marketers how they can optimize their campaigns and plan budgets more efficiently this way – and increase their marketing ROI as a result.

3. Which of the features (master classes, spaces, sessions, etc.) will you be using to present this? And what form will they take (a roadshow for example)?

At DMEXCO @home, we will be giving four master classes covering a wide range of topics: from our insight-based marketing approach right through to our interactive digital marketing playbook and a successful customer case.

Our DMEXCO @home highlight will be a joint master class with Ricardas Montevila, Senior Director, Global Strategy at Mapp, and Rusty Warner from Forrester. The two experts will be exploring the MarTech landscape of the future and explaining how to bridge the gap between data-generated insights and specific marketing activities. This not only requires technology, but also an in-depth understanding of your customers: it’s time to leave traditional marketing ideas behind and focus on the needs of customers in order to fulfill their expectations and offer real added value in the customer experience.

Spencer Altman, our Partner Director for the DACH region, will be looking at easy-to-implement tactics for optimizing marketing. His presentation will be aligned with our digital marketing playbook, which is available online, and shed light on optimization measures that are often difficult to grasp. Using the four categories “Acquire”, “Nurture”, “Grow”, and “Retain”, marketers can select and implement the right tactic for their particular situation on a cross-channel basis. Especially in the current situation, small and gradual adjustments to the marketing strategy are what make companies viable.

AI experts Norman Wahnschaff and Professor Markus Schaal will be providing an overview of the potential offered by AI in digital marketing by drawing on specific case studies. By recognizing recurring patterns in customer behavior, unique opportunities arise in terms of implementing highly personalized campaigns and predicting future actions.

We are also really looking forward to presenting a customer success story with the Witt Group, an omnichannel retailer belonging to the OTTO group. In the master class, we will be exploring how to strategically reactivate inactive customers through automation in the frequently underestimated email channel. Here, we will be focusing on very specific details regarding segmentation, design, and addressing inactive consumers.

4. What supplementary measures have you planned (mailings, advertising, campaigns)?

As a main supplementary measure, we are advertising our interactive digital marketing playbook called “100 Tactics to Acquire, Nurture, Grow & Retain Customers”, which contains practical tips for optimizing marketing activities. At, anyone who is interested can also sign up to put together tips for their own individual marketing needs and contribute their own recommendations. With this platform, we aim to promote the sharing of best practices and build an active, international community.

Our recently published whitepaper “How to Move from Gut Feel to Actionable Insights” will take center stage as well. This helps readers define business cases and highlights the potential of applying data analytics and AI-based customer intelligence.

We will also be keeping customers and interested parties up to date on our DMEXCO @home activities through various mailing and newsletter campaigns.

5. What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home?

I’m hoping that the digital platform will resonate well and offer all visitors added value with its interactive formats and interesting topics. I am especially curious to see how the international community responds to the event.

In a year where cost efficiency plays such an important role across all industries, I also hope that we are able to show interested marketing decision-makers what budget-friendly alternatives and solutions the targeted use of advanced marketing technology can offer them.