Guide: on the path to success with mobile app marketing

In light of the hive of activity in app stores, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to stand out from the rest of the market by implementing targeted app marketing. Our guide contains key tips for marketing an app effectively.

App development and app marketing go hand in hand.
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App marketing: stand out from the crowd

With the increasing number and use of mobile devices, specialized apps are also continuing to grow in popularity. So it’s no surprise that more and more companies are adapting to their customers’ tastes and developing their own apps for marketing their products and services.

In the Google Play Store alone, there are currently more than three million different apps available to users.

In view of the fact that tens of thousands of new apps are released every month, strategic app marketing plays a crucial role when it comes to standing out from the crowd and successfully establishing your product on the app market. To achieve maximum reach – both in terms of downloads and regular use – you therefore need to pursue a polished differentiation strategy based on your USPs as part of your mobile app marketing. Interaction with users is essential here, and it needs to be personalized and channeled along the different target groups and phases of app use.

Practical added value as the basis for app marketing

The specific added value generated by the app is the prerequisite for successful mobile app marketing. In addition to a well-developed concept, the app’s functionality is one of the major criteria in this respect. If you don’t bring anything new to the table or offer original and innovative features, in other words if you don’t provide an additional benefit, you will also struggle to market your app. Relevant added value can be created for users in the following ways:

  • Initial development of a specific app
  • Development of new features and ones that don’t exist in this particular form yet
  • Reworking and improvement of functionalities that are already available

Market apps that are as error free as possible

Negative reviews due to system errors have already ruined numerous thoroughly preplanned app marketing campaigns. Before you upload your app to the store, extensive tests should therefore be performed on as many different devices as possible to make sure the app works as intended, eliminate any sources of error, and optimize the various functionalities.

Market your app before you actually release it

The first marketing activities should ideally start before the app’s actual launch in order to pique your target group’s curiosity. Especially with regard to the group of early adopters and the establishment of a user base, your owned media channels take on an important function in this phase. For example, you can introduce the app’s important features, functions, and design on your website or landing page. This gives potential users a sneak preview of the added value offered by your app and they could become multipliers for your product.

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Identify your target groups and suitable channels for app marketing

To successfully market an app, you need a well-thought-out and sustainable concept that not only offers practical added value but also encompasses the potential target groups and the corresponding messages and marketing channels. By segmenting the various target groups, you can identify the relevant channels for marketing your specific app. Well-structured clustering also lets you precisely align yourself with the target group through tailored communication and personalized interaction.

Free guide gives you key tips for your app marketing

What channels are best suited to app marketing? How can owned, paid, and earned media be effectively combined as part of app marketing? Can a wide reach and high user retention also be achieved with a small budget? And what effect does app store optimization have when done right? In our free guide, we provide the answers to these and many more questions and have put together some key tips for successful mobile app marketing.