Guide: How to use Snapchat advertising for your eCommerce

Especially in times of the crisis of the coronavirus, the focus is increasingly turning to eCommerce. Use our free guide to learn how to make the most of Snapchat for your online business.

Snapchat offers advertisers attractive access to young target groups.
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Snapchat advertising on the rise

Faced with a multitude of digital advertising channels, Snapchat, the service for instant messaging, often (still) exists in the shadow of the big platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Wrongly, as it turns out, as a look at current trends shows. More and more brands and companies are using the continuous expansion of eCommerce advertising on the platform and integrating Snapchat into their marketing mix. Whether for Snap Ads, Sponsored Augmented Reality Lenses or Geofilters – recently, spending for advertising on Snapchat has increased considerably:

560 million dollar
realized Snapchat in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2019 alone.

Overall, in 2019, the company had total revenue of over $1.7 billion – most of this amount in the form of advertising income. Already between 2017 and 2018, revenue rose from just over $800 million to around $1.2 billion. Especially in the context of the current crisis surrounding the coronavirus, Snapchat is likely to continue gaining in relevance with its great potential as a powerful, interactive advertising channel for eCommerce companies.

Innovative Snapchat marketing for young target groups

Why are advertisers increasingly turning to Snapchat ads? A main reason for this is the young target group: the social natives. Especially among the members of Generation Z, Snapchat has a strong inrush of new users and ranks significantly ahead of other platforms in popularity. Some 210 million users worldwide use the social media platform on a regular basis. In Germany, companies that advertise Snapchat reach around six million active users every day. For the most part, the age range of the target group is between 13 and 35 years.

A particularly exciting aspect from the standpoint of eCommerce: Unlike other portals such as Twitch, Snapchat scores with a significantly more balanced gender distribution. Currently, around 57 percent of active German users are female. On Twitch, on the other hand, this figure is only around 35 percent.

Use Snapchat interactive advertising formats for your sales

The different formats of Snapchat advertising offer enormous potential for branding and product campaigns. A great advantage for marketers is that the ad formats generally differ only insignificantly from the classic functionalities of the messaging app. As an audiovisual platform, Snapchat generates a high level of attention thanks to vertical full-screen formats, thus ensuring efficient dissemination of the advertising message.

Another highlight for eCommerce companies: By swiping up – on Snap Ads, for instance – the user can directly access the stored product pages or learn more about the company and certain of its items. This and similarly innovative features provide particularly strong interaction with the brand or product, and that is what makes Snapchat particularly suitable for awareness and engagement campaigns. The swipe-up rate, for instance, totals to around five times the average CTR of other platforms.

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How can you use Snapchat to boost sales in your online shop? What advertising opportunities does this instant-messaging service have to offer? How can you take simple ingredients and turn them into creative and interactive advertising campaigns, and where can you turn for inspiration and assistance? Our guide offers you practical tips for getting started – along with an overview of the possibilities Snapchat offers for your business.

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