Guide: Essential coding skills for marketers

Technical processes and coding are increasingly becoming part of our everyday digital world, so it's high time for you to learn a few coding skills. Our checklist tells you how and explains which ones will benefit marketers in particular.

These are the coding skills that marketers should have
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Coding skills in marketing?

Obviously, marketers don’t work in IT and nobody is expecting advertising specialists to have excellent programming skills. But the marketing industry in particular uses a wide range of digital solutions – and these are based on coding. From content management systems and apps through to data-based tools, digital tools are a key component of a marketer’s toolbox these days. Being able to code means that you can offer a valuable additional skill. Ultimately, marketers with programming knowledge stand out from those who are simply users.

"Programming is like kissing: You can talk about it, you can describe it, but you only really get what it means once you've done it yourself."

Andrée Beaulieu-Green, digital pioneer

Our brand-new checklist gives you an overview of the current coding skills that you should have as a marketer. It also explains which languages are useful and how to get started with learning programming.

Learning programming: Five good reasons to have coding skills

  1. Coding skills are a great additional qualification to have; if you’re a marketer who can program, you’ll boost your both your popularity and your career opportunities.
  2. Having coding skills gives you a better feel for tools and technology. That gives you an advantage; not only in using them, but also in terms of strategic issues and advising customers. If you’re familiar with the technical background and understand how tools operate, it’s easier to grasp their limitations and you’ll get more out of them.
  3. Coding skills make you much more flexible, because you won’t have to turn to IT colleagues or external service providers every time you want to make a small change. Even basic knowledge is enough for you to handle minor alterations to your website or newsletter
  4. Coding skills mean better workflows. Having background technical knowledge lets you understand what the geeks and nerds are saying, and you’ll develop a better feel for the work they do and the challenges they face. You can then communicate more efficiently with colleagues and service providers, and also improve how you plan and coordinate projects.
  5. Learning to code is fun and keeping up with contemporary technical developments is part of lifelong learning. You’ll be on the ball and up to date with the rapid pace of digital transformation in marketing.

Coding guide for marketing specialists

Download our coding checklist for marketers now. This free guide explains which skills are particularly in-demand and useful for you in the marketing sector.

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