Employee experience 2.0: what it really comes down to

The employee experience is about one thing above all: giving colleagues positive experiences at as many touchpoints as possible along the employee journey. Our guide reveals why that’s so important and how you can achieve it.

Our guide reveals why appreciation, trust, a sense of purpose, and team spirit are so important for the employee experience.
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New work must focus on the employee experience

The employee experience, or EX for short, is becoming more and more relevant for companies of all sizes. The reason: today’s employees don’t simply want to do a job that earns them money. The majority also insist on trust, social cohesion, and a sense of purpose – and are prepared to change companies if their employee experience doesn’t meet that expectation. Employers that want to retain competent staff must therefore not only make their customers a priority, but their employees as well. After all, their wellbeing is the ultimate foundation for success and growth.

A good employee experience builds strong teams

A mere 32 percent of employees across the world are blossoming in their job both professionally and personally – that was the finding of the recent “State of the Global Workplace Report 2021” published by Gallup. However, it’s precisely that 32 percent that is of immense value to brands. That’s because employees who are happy in their job

  • are less prone to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety,
  • stay loyal to their company over the long term, and
  • contribute positive energy, which in turn has a beneficial impact on customer relationships as well as the work climate.

As a result, it pays off to establish an appreciative culture and offer an employee experience that promotes satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Our guide “The employee experience: from happy colleagues to happy customers” explains what distinguishes a good employee experience.

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The six pillars of the employee experience

The employee experience encompasses everything that employees experience in their day-to-day work. Businesses wanting to improve employee satisfaction should consequently examine all the touchpoints along the employee journey to identify room for improvement – from the application process to the exit interview.

In essence, there are six factors that shape the employee experience and are key to high employee satisfaction:

#1 Meaningful tasks

Monotonous tasks that don’t have a higher purpose hardly give employees the professional fulfillment they’re looking for. So, if a company wants to make its employees happy, it should always clearly communicate the purpose behind assigned tasks.

#2 Strong leadership

A good employee experience is also a question of leadership. Strong management that provides structure and makes everyone aware of the company’s mission and goals promotes a sense of belonging.

#3 A pleasant atmosphere

An inviting workplace that stands out both in terms of design and functionally has a motivating effect in the office and boosts the mood of employees.

#4 Health and wellbeing

Employees appreciate flexible working times, the option to work from home, an ergonomic workplace, and an appealing selection of snacks in the office. These perks can reduce stress and improve employee health.

#5 Room to grow

Motivated employees don’t just idly twiddle their thumbs, they aspire to grow. So it’s in a company’s own interests to ensure that employees have opportunities to personally upskill and climb the career ladder.

#6 Sense of belonging

A strong sense of belonging encourages employees to stay loyal to their company for many years. Leaders can thus improve the employee experience through teambuilding measures, company outings, and so on.

The employee experience makes all the difference

Brands with a carefully nurtured employee experience benefit in many ways: they retain motivated professionals and gain competitive advantages in the process. Do you want to improve the employee experience in your company and avoid a brain drain? Then download our guide and put it into practice with your team!

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