Trust in you – the DMEXCO Highlights for Day 1

Nearly 400 different items on the agenda and around 1,000 exhibitors - it's hard to keep track. We'll tell you the DMEXCO team's tips for each event area, starting on Wednesday.

Werbeflächen, Boulevard Nord

Highlights on the Congress Stage

We are excited to welcome Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Co-Founder, on the Congress stage. Together with moderator Ralph Simon, CEO Mobilium Global, Wales talks about how we can verify information in times of fake news. A slightly different showcase awaits us as Yext founders and CEO Howard Lerman and his (Broadway) friends take the stage towards the end of the first day. Will our Chief Advisor Dominik be with us on Thursday? You will find out in the YEXT Musical: Who killed Dominik Matyka?

Highlights on the Debate Stage

Most musicians have no idea who is downloading their music in this very moment. So did rapper Ryan Leslie. That’s why he founded the app SuperPhone. In this panel you get a first-hand insight into the development process and the functioning of the CRM in app format. “Generation Z” is one of his audiences. How can this age group be addressed and activated via digital channels? That’s what the final round on the Debate Stage is all about.

Highlights on the Experience Stage

What is the difference between a simple algorithm and real artificial intelligence? What are operational and business-relevant applications? Stephan Dörner, editor at t3n, tries to find out exactly that in conversation with various experts. Have you ever wondered to what extent the use of VR, AR and XR will influence our brand understanding? That’s exactly what this panel is about. Discuss the upcoming challenges in this area together with Sven Bliedung, CEO Volucap,Sharad Devarajan, Co-Founder Graphic India, Agatha Hood, Head of Global Ad Sales Unity Technologies, Lutz Knappmann, Editor-in-chief WiWo, and Annaleena Kuronen, CMO Varjo.

Highlights on the How-to-Stage

Social media is no longer just a marketing tool, but contains a vast amount of useful data for your company. Often this data is not used due to data silos. On the new How-to Stage, Andrew Simmons, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Salesforce Hands-on, explains how you can use the data you collect across your entire organization. Stephanie Buscem, CMO at Salesforce, will also be answering questions in a Q&A session. The main focus will be on how Marketeers can build trust with their customers.

Highlights on the World of Agencies Stage

Welcome to the jungle. Journalist and China expert Corinna Bremer as well as Stefano Balestra, Managing Director at Collabary at Zalando, and Alina Ludwig from Influence – the podcast, will show you the status quo and the future of influencer marketing. Among other things, they provide insights into the fast-growing Chinese market of so-called Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Tobias Hefele, Director Digital & Innovation at Kinetic Worldwide Germany GmbH and Jonas Kofahl, Director Digital & Innovate at WallDecaux will talk about the digital trends in the out-of-home sector at the end of the day.

Practice oriented Highlights

In times of click baiting and fake news, trust in and towards the media is declining. Trust is one of the most important currencies for a successful business. In the seminar with Bian Salins, EMEA Lead, Content Marketing Consultant at Linkedin and Kristina Bröckel, Social Media Strategist for Global Markets at UBS, you will learn how to build and maintain a trusting relationship with your customers through channels like LinkedIn. Partnership programs have become a significant revenue driver for brands looking for action beyond traditional sales strategies and marketing tactics. In the session with Mike Head, General Manager, The Partnership Cloud/Impact, the success factors will be examined.

Expo Highlights

Traveling back in time – right into the 90s? Adobe makes it possible. Digital advertising turns 25 this year. To mark this anniversary, Adobe is presenting an authentic journey back in time to the beginnings of digital advertising at DMEXCO. Take 15 minutes and embark on a little journey through time.

Adobe Systems GmbH – Hall 6.1, booth A011 B016

You can find all exhibitors at DMEXCO here.


The bottom line

This years DMEXCO Conference Program has some exciting highlights in store for you. Using the app, you can easily mark your favourites and see at a glance when which session takes place where. So: Let’s go, put together your own DMEXCO program.