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Ann-Katrin Schmitz, what can B2B companies learn from influencers?

We interviewed Ann-Katrin Schmitz to find out what B2B companies can learn from influencers.
Image: © Ann-Katrin Schmitz / Baby got Business

Ann-Katrin Schmitz is one of the leading figures in German-speaking influencer marketing. Together with her friend Farina Opoku, she created the personal brand NovaLanaLove and has built her into one of the most successful influencers in Germany. Influencers dominating B2C commerce are nothing new, but more and more B2B companies are now also discovering the potential of collaborating with corporate influencers.

So, we spoke to Ann-Katrin Schmitz to find out what B2B brands can learn from influencers when it comes to brand building.

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  1. Hello Ann-Katrin, could you briefly introduce yourself to our viewers? [00:21]
  2. What can B2B companies learn from personal brands? [01:03]
  3. Should companies outsource social media? [02:53]
  4. What trends are you observing in influencer marketing for 2022? [04:41]
  5. Have you had experience with the topic of corporate influencer marketing? What are your tips for corporate influencers? [08:02]
  6. What do you have planned yourself for 2022? [12:44]

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