Whitepaper: 7 tips on how to optimize your internal communication

At many companies, internal communication is not given enough attention. However, that is the wrong approach. In our whitepaper, you will learn how to optimize the communication within your company in 7 steps.

Internal communication is one of the fundamental pillars of corporate identity.
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Why internal communication must not be neglected

Internal corporate communication is often overshadowed by external communication: while a relatively large amount of resources are invested in public relations, B2B and brand communication, internal communication frequently trails behind. Good and transparent communication within a company is more important than ever, though. Employees want to be included, kept in the picture, and have a say about what’s going on at their company. The times of top-down communication are increasingly becoming a thing of the past in today’s digitally networked work environment. A well-thought-out internal communication strategy needs to be developed in order to motivate employees, strengthen corporate identity, and ultimately achieve greater business success.

Internal communication and digital transformation: more expected of managers nowadays

Especially in times of remote working, digital leaders have a responsibility, now more than ever, to develop a strong communication strategy in order to increase their employees’ motivation, convey the corporate goals to them, and keep up team spirit. In this context, communication and executive departments face a range of new challenges as a result of digital transformation. Companies that want to improve their internal communication have to ask themselves the following questions, among others:

  • What needs to be done to ensure that employees feel informed and appreciated?
  • What digital communication tools are available and which ones are suitable for internal communication within my company?
  • How can cross-departmental networking and collaboration be improved?
  • What is the right way to communicate with my employees? How can my communication strategy contribute to team spirit and the pursuit of a common vision?
  • What guidelines must be established for communication among each other?
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Take your pick: tools for internal communication

In light of the digital transformation, one of the biggest challenges for digital leaders is choosing the right tools for their internal corporate communication from the endless pool of options. The different communication and collaboration tools range from traditional ones, such as a printed employee magazine, right through to weekly email newsletters, a social intranet, and digital agile boards. However, selecting the appropriate tools isn’t the only difficult task for managers, they also have to familiarize employees with the new communication structures. In our whitepaper, we provide valuable tips on how to effectively optimize your communication management and achieve better networking and collaboration within your company.