“Trust in you!” – the best seminars, worklabs and demos

This is what you shouldn't miss at DMEXCO 2019


Our motto “Trust in you” reflects the zeitgeist of the digital economy. In the age of artificial intelligence, increasing automation and data-driven business, the trust of consumers in particular plays a key role. However, the motto also reflects the strengthened trust of companies in themselves.

“After a few turbulent years, we are witnessing a strong new sense of self-confidence arising in companies when it comes to managing digitalization in 2019,” states Judith Kühn, Director Conference and Board Member of DMEXCO. But the digital economy is also aware of its responsibility. In this context, trust is the most important currency in marketing and communication. “We see and understand the challenges that digital trends pose to society, businesses and individuals,” says Judith Kühn.

Numerous exhibitors have integrated the motto into their presentation and their DMEXCO activities. This also applies to the seminar and worklab offers as well as the demos. In the first part of our three-part series, we present some selected offers.

Currency of Trust – How brands can build more trusted connections

How do companies manage to develop trust in the marketing of their brand?

Marketing specialists operate in an environment, in which consumer mistrust is growing. Due to fake news, click baiting, advertising fraud and weakening media, the topic of brand safety has become increasingly complex. LinkedIn’s seminar is about how to build trusted connections with customers across multiple channels.

Consumer Identity and Privacy: Our Industry’s Biggest Challenge or Biggest Opportunity?

Protecting consumer privacy also has an impact on whether and how target groups can be addressed via browsers and operating systems. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t gotten easier. One of the key questions for the online advertising industry is: How can we accept the decisions of individual users to protect their privacy if we cannot recognize them anyway due to the protection mechanisms that are already in place? Will the addressability of target groups remain hidden in the “first party” data silos in the future? The IAB Tech Lab provides answers to these and other questions together with experts from three well-known companies.

Progressing personalization: How European retailers increase incremental return from personalization

Digital media provides retailers in Europe the opportunity to address consumers in a personalized and individualized way. Turnover gains and conversion successes are the result. Retailers, brand owners and manufacturers should therefore focus on the next phase of personalization and the associated opportunities including large-scale yet individualized communication with potential and existing customers, provision of messages for consistently addressing individual customers during their customer journeys, and proof of revenue gains through marketing measures

Driving market value by arriving where your customer is heading

Customers are constantly on the move. One moment they are still searching and comparing and in the next they are already buying and complaining. Staying one step ahead of digital customer experiences is the biggest challenge facing brands, retailers, businesses and organizations. How do you turn good customer experiences into really great ones? And how do you achieve this while also achieving the greatest effect for your own company? Optimizely illuminates the European market with various experts and provides examples of how extraordinary customer experiences can create (added) value.

When life gives you lemons, deal with it: why today’s data challenges make tomorrow’s success

The GDPR and ITP (Internet Tracking Prevention) have massively restricted and changed the handling of cookies and data. The hotel sector is just one of the industries that has had to learn to master the challenges involved. Together with Tealium, the Barceló Hotel Group has found a way to show other companies how a good database can solve not only existing but also future challenges. Numerous best-practice tips show how this success can be replicated.

WhatsApp Business API for CX-powered Engagement

Global rollout of the WhatsApp Business API is presenting brands with the opportunity to become part of their customers’ relationship networks. In contrast to traditional marketing channels such as email, private messaging applications let users decide who to let in and who to chat with. In the Demo Arena, brand managers and marketing decision-makers can learn first-hand how WhatsApp can improve customer service and loyalty, among other things.

Workshop: B2B Customer Centricity along the customer interface

Everyone has been talking about Customer Centricity for many years now. But what are the actual obstacles to consistently focusing on customer needs? In this WorkLab, managers from the marketing, sales and e-business sectors will jointly look into this issue. They invite you to change your perspective and evaluate current challenges based on the effects across entire businesses. The aim is to raise awareness of the company-wide view of existing and potential customer processes and the interaction of systems across departmental boundaries.

Further seminars, worklabs and demo arena presentations can be found in the conference area of the fair. You can use the DMEXCO app to select your personal favorites and add them to your calendar today.