DMEXCO 2019: “Trust in you”

Appreciation and trust for digital value creation

Congress Stage DMEXCO 2018

“We want to encourage people”, says Judith Kühn, DMEXCO Director Conference and board member. Chief Advisor Dominik Matyka adds, “courage, appreciation and trust are very important components of a successful digital economy.” Therefore, according to Judith, it was an easy decision for the board and the rest of the team to formulate a powerful and at the same time challenging slogan for DMEXCO 2019: “Trust in you.”

Trust yourself. Trust in your abilities. This not only applies to each individual, but for Judith it is also a challenge to the market: “After a few turbulent years, we are witnessing a strong new sense of self-confidence arising in companies when it comes to managing digitalization in 2019. She agrees with the other board members that the digital industry is aware of its responsibility. And trust is the most important currency in marketing and communication. “We see and understand the challenges that digital trends pose to society, businesses and individuals,” says Judith Kühn.

Dominik Matyka adds, “as users, we need to trust that we can engage in respectful interaction with each other on the web and especially on social networks. As users, we also need to trust that companies in the digital economy will treat us and our data with respect and responsibility.” For successful digital value creation, it is increasingly important for companies to develop trust in the abilities of their employees. After all, disruption and digital transformation pose major challenges. In addition to this, Dominik says, “as an industry, we particularly need the society’s trust that digitalization will have more advantages than disadvantages for us humans.”

In order to meet all these requirements, each individual needs to have trust in his or her abilities. Therefore, “Trust in you” serves to encourage each individual and the community as a whole. “I believe the members of the DMEXCO community are aware of their responsibility to society, companies and individuals. They have begun to exchange ideas and form alliances. They are committed to equality and are discovering the benefits of new technologies and how to use them. This also applies to DMEXCO in Cologne,” says Matyka.

Networking and communication for trust

Alongside the approach of providing an independent cross-channel medium and the main two-day DMEXCO event in September with well over a hundred side events and numerous new products and formats, DMEXCO is also launching its new year-round app in July. This is a kind of DMEXCO 365 with comprehensive matchmaking and networking features, which will raise the user experience to a new level both during DMEXCO and throughout the year. The app will then also become a central community-connecting part of this strategy. “We see the app as an information and networking element. This creates trust,” adds Christoph Menke, Director Sales and Operations and member of the DMEXCO board.

The DMEXCO app is not intended to be a short-term trade fair app, but to deliver added value all year round by providing up-to-date content, networking possibilities and further community benefits on the medium-term. In a new “People” section, the app also allows networking among all DMEXCO visitors, exhibitors and speakers, thus underscoring its connecting transactional character before, during and after the trade fair.

This is a clear signal for the DMEXCO board: “Together we will master the digital transformation – DMEXCO 2019!” Everyone who would like to be informed immediately about the release of the new community app is invited to register for our newsletter.