Top 10 marketing skills for 2023

The rapidly evolving world of digital marketing demands special expertise from marketers if they want to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve put together a list of 10 essential skills that marketers should acquire in 2023.

List of essential marketing skills for 2023
Image: © prirach / Adobe Stock

New marketing challenges call for new skills

Marketers works in a profession that is characterized by change. They have to constantly move with the times, correctly interpret trends, and be alert to new marketing channels so they can tap into them.

Our list of 10 essential skills will optimally prepare marketers for the challenges coming their way in 2023.

The success of (short) videos

Content in the form of graphics has undergone a dynamic transformation in recent years. While static images or image montages used to visually translate and transport information, videos are now a must on most platforms. However, video content has also changed in that marketers now only have a few seconds to grip users and communicate their message to them. That requires completely new skills when it comes to editing and storytelling. And this is just one of the many examples of the change we’re all currently experiencing firsthand.

Targeted learning more important than ever

With these new requirements heaping up, it’s important to take a targeted approach to acquiring the essential skills. That not only involves getting to grips with specialized tools, but marketers should also make sure they always have an overview of any given task area. For example, it’s better to learn the basics of video production than become an expert in it. Establishing a solid, broad basis will allow you to further develop individual skills and refine them in a hands-on way aligned with your job profile. With that in mind, although we’ve filled our list with essential marketing skills for 2023, you should be clever in how you choose to personally upskill depending on the professional challenges you face. One thing is clear: the principle of lifelong learning is one of the most important maxims for marketers, and 2023 will be no different.