The 2022 DMEXCO Digital Spring Summit – our recap

Packed full of powerful statements, insightful panels, and inspiring keynotes, the first-ever DMEXCO Digital Spring Summit explored the digital industry’s key trends for 2022. These were the event highlights:

The Digital Spring Summit’s speakers tell us what they’re especially looking forward to.
The latest episode of the DMEXCO podcast is completely dedicated to the Digital Spring Summit.

Jolanta Baboulidis on the power of social conversation

How can people, brands, and communities coexist better on social media? And how can social talent be rewarded and nurtured? In her presentation, Jolanta Baboulidis, Country Director of Twitter Germany, offered valuable insights into the power of social conversation.

Click here for the presentation: “Unleash the Power of Social Conversation” (DE).

It’s all about the mindset – Woundioun “Wunni” Sissoko (yamuntu)

At 19 years old, Woundioun “Wunni” Sissoko launched the social commerce app “yamuntu”. Just two years later, it received its first million-figure funding. At the 2022 Digital Spring Summit, the young founder shared his journey to success, providing inspiration for anyone wanting to put new business ideas into action themselves.

Click here for the presentation: “Nothing easier than starting at 0” (EN).

The metaverse: how and when will we enter the new digital world?

The metaverse is on everyone’s lips – and promises enormous potential for the next-gen Internet. Where are we with the current technologies? What business models are emerging, and how realistic are they? As part of their panel “State of the Metaverse – A reality check of existing technologies and business models,” Mark Wächter (Mobile Strategy Consultant at, Elmar Arunov (Research Manager at T-Labs), and Clemens Gammer (Co-Founder of Project AVE) discussed the answers.

Click here for the panel: “State of the Metaverse – A reality check of existing technologies and business models” (EN).

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How Pringles cracked the gaming culture – Adam Harris (Twitch)

In 2021, a character broke out of a video game for the first time ever and caused a sensation. We’re talking about the Pringles zombie Frank from the “West of Dead” game, who was catapulted to celeb status on Twitch. Not only that, though: Frank is also an innovative example of how brands can successfully engage the gaming generation. Adam Harris, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at Twitch, revealed fascinating insights into the campaign and how the gaming world can be merged with real life.

Click here for the presentation: “Traversing the gaming world, meeting streamers, playing games and falling in love with Twitch’s community: How Pringles’ zombie escape broke rules in gaming and advertising” (EN).

Cookieless success – Mike Hemmings (Oracle Advertising)

The cookieless era is coming. But can you track without cookies? Yes! In his presentation “The consumer-focussed imperative. Reaching your target audience without the use of cookies,” Mike Hemmings, Head of Insights at Oracle Advertising, explains how exactly that can be done and what role contextual technology could play in it.

Click here for the presentation: “The consumer-focussed imperative. Reaching your target audience without the use of cookies.

Piran Asci (KoRo) on talent marketing

To make a brand stand out on Instagram, talented ambassadors need creative freedom. Piran Asci impressively argues why, using his own online food retail company KoRo as an example.

Click here for the fireside chat: “30 million euros of sales from Instagram collaborations – How talent marketing can be a success” (DE).

Not long to wait until the next event!

Now that the kick-off event is over, we’re already looking forward to DMEXCO 2022, which will finally be live on-site in Cologne again on September 21 and 22! Until then, you can network on the DMEXCO @home platform and watch all the sessions from the 2022 Digital Spring Summit on demand.