Shout Out III – For more female Empowerment

Five more statements for more visibility of female strength.

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Freya Ohle, Ina Börner, Wendi Sturgis, Ingeborg Trampe, Christiane Brandes-Visbeck

Next Shout Out for more Female Power in digital business! We present another five short contributions from women with strong opinions, which make clear why something has to change in the world’s executive floors.

Ina Börner, Ingeborg Trampe, Christiane Brandes-Visbeck, Wendi Strugis and Freya Oehle share their ideas about female empowerment with Mission Female and DMEXCO.


Ina Börner, Director Business Development Europe, MiQ:

“For women to become visible and self-evident at management level, all parties must do more to make this happen. A “quota woman” alone does not create visibility and normality. I expect that diversity in companies is normal and that career opportunities are gender-independent. Women must be encouraged and promoted, but they must also have the will and motivation.”

Ingeborg Trampe, PR Consultant, trampe communication:

“Our society is in a deeper transition than ever before. The challenges at all levels are greater than ever. It would be madness not to use the power of all smart people – regardless of gender, background and age to work out solutions for our future. It is not about male or female, but about a human transformation of our society. And of course women should just as easily occupy a permanent place in management positions as men. Mission Female plays an important role through networking and visualization of top female managers in the German economy. On the long run, it would be wonderful if Mission Female could transform into Mission Human. Namely, when we have achieved diversity in all directions. Because diversity makes us all smarter and demonstrably leads to better solutions.”

Christiane Brandes-Visbeck, managing director Ahoi Innovationen GmbH

“Those who want to be successful should be bold, solution orientated and well connected with others. In our VUCA world it is needed to live with eath other and not to fight each other. No matter if we are male, female or non binary, liberal, conservative or not political at all, if we live with a religion, believe in fate or in facts – our world will only be with living in, when we despite all difference create our future together.”

Wendi Sturgis, CEO Europe, YEXT:

“We must finally get rid of traditional social ideas and expectations of men and women. Change has already begun – more and more women are the main earners of their families. When I got married 18 years ago, I was still on my own. In general, however, it is important not to force people into roles. Rather, they should be given room for development. However, women in particular are often self-critical and afraid of making mistakes – and so keep themselves unintentionally small. They have to get rid of this fear. As a manager, I also see it as my job to help them.”

Freya Oehle, Founder & CEO 3tausendsassa /

“Women bring ideas, intelligence, creativity, motivation, energy, potential, and humor to the table, as do their male colleagues, friends, and counterparts. Not to exploit promote, and expand this would be wasted resources for further development. A sacrilege on the part of the company and society, but no less on the part of the woman who does not proactively recognize, use and contribute this!”


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