Shout out I – For more female Empowerment

It's time to increase the visibility of "female power" in the digital economy.

Mission Female
Dorothee Bär, Eva Messerschmidt, Katharina Wolff, Julia Stern, Irina Petricek-Steiner, Susanne Aigner-Drews (left to right)

Heterogeneous teams are more productive, innovative and creative. It is therefore time to increase the visibility of “female power” in the digital economy. DMEXCO helping ensure this. In addition to the steadily increasing number of female speakers on the DMEXCO stages on 11 and 12 September in Cologne, we are supporting and initiating other formats dedicated to “female empowerment”.

We are accompanying this approach with stories in the DMEXCO blog and presenting women from the digital economy in a series together with the “Mission Female” initiative by Frederike Probert. These women and some men will make it clear in short contributions why something has to change on the conference stages and the executive levels. What challenges do women face in their working lives? What are the framework conditions required to empower women and what contribution can our society make?

Here is a first excerpt of interesting statements from the Mission Female website:

Irina Petricek-Steiner, General Manager Operations SpotX Europe

“Digitization will shape our society even more strongly in the future than it already does today. In many more technical jobs that evolve from this, women are under-represented, not just at board level. It is therefore important, on the one hand, to increase the attractiveness of these professions for women and, on the other hand, to invest in training and development in this field. This also requires female role models in leadership positions.”

Julia Stern, Board Online Marketing 1&1 Telecommunications SE

The more diversity there is in leadership teams – regardless of gender, age, background or field of study, the more different perspectives lead to a successful solution finding. Especially in the age of digitization and ever shorter innovation cycles, a variety of ideas and perspectives is needed more than ever. Diversity is therefore an important factor for long-term economic success.”

Eva Messerschmidt, Bereichsleiterin Sales & Digital Products, n-tv Nachrichtenfernsehen GmbH

“Women need self-confidence and an excellent network to succeed. Also, assertiveness, the belief and trust in your own abilities. Mission Female provides the perfect environment for talented women to support each other.”

Susanne Aigner-Drews, Geschäftsführerin Discovery Deutschland

“It must become a matter of self-evidence in our society and working environment that the person who takes over duties with responsibilities, brings the best competencies to the table – no matter if man or woman. Promoting women, encouraging them, and giving them the opportunities to accomplish their career plans, is one of the topics that must be anchored in strategic corporate governance. Because only companies which live diversity and parity will continue to be attractive and competitive employers.”

Katharina Wolff, Gründerin & Geschäftsführerin D-Level

“Unfortunately, women in the workplace do not always have the same opportunities as men due to a variety of factors. Mission Female helps women to optimally position, network, and ultimately get into leadership positions. A mission that is very important to us at D-Level as well.”

Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitization in Germany

“For a digital transformation that meets our needs, we need all the potential for innovation. We want a digitization that takes into account different perspectives, which can only succeed with heterogeneous management teams. This includes strengthening women in the digital economy and actively compensating for the current underrepresentation. This will lead to greater success for companies. I therefore welcome Mission Female’s goal of bringing and keeping women in top leadership positions and giving them a professional networking environment. We are only strong together.”