Inspiration for Digital Everyday Work

The DMEXCO Seminars and how to make them a success.

Seminar 6, Halle 5.1
Seminar 6, Hall 5.1

From panel discussions and the presentation of case studies to interviews with customers, there is a lot on offer at seminar level. We want the participants to return to their workplaces with many valuable lessons learned and, above all, inspired. We take care to provide a well-balanced seminar program and take a detailed look at each individual topic suggestion and assess it for its added value for the seminar participants.

We are therefore often asked what makes an exciting seminar and what should be heeded during the preparation.

  1. Participants should take away as much as possible for their everyday work and be motivated to implement what they have learned. Try to constantly keep this aspect in mind during preparation.
  2. The participants usually want a varied and lively exchange. This can be achieved with the presentation of practical cases, integration of interviews or a panel.
  3. Allow failure culture. Nobody likes to talk about failures, even though they usually provide the best life lessons. Sharing failures, including the steps to overcoming a setback, are very helpful for the participants.
  4. No war of PowerPoint slides. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Last but not least: A good title, short and crisp and to the point, is the right start!

The DMEXCO Seminars take place in Hall 5.1. Be there and let yourself be inspired.