DMEXCO @home program highlights you shouldn’t miss

Tomorrow is the big day: On September 23, DMEXCO @home will finally open its (virtual) doors! Find out here which program highlights you won't want to miss.

This year, DMEXCO @home will showcase a great selection of top speakers right from the get-go. Here are the program highlights!
Image: © DMEXCO @home

Hear from top speakers at DMEXCO @home

DMEXCO @home is the first purely digital version of DMEXCO. And that is precisely why it is eagerly awaited by visitors and exhibitors alike. Whether you’re looking for masterclasses, deep dives or live conferences, DMEXCO @home offers a broad portfolio of events worth seeing as well as a wide variety of communication and networking opportunities.

International top speakers share interesting and exciting insights into the world of digital marketing. You won’t want to miss these conference highlights:

Day 1 highlights

#1 Why it comes down to the right attitude – Alicia Tillman from SAP

Today more than ever, brands that really want to reach their target audience must stand for values and have the right attitude. In her speech Leading Attitude to Action, Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, explains how we can link messages with action strategies and thus establish strong connections.

#2 Eugene Kaspersky on the fight against cyber attacks

Cyberattacks pose a constant threat to the security of important infrastructures. Kaspersky’s team has gained worldwide recognition by uncovering some of the most complex cyberattacks. Throughout the live conference, Eugene will provide interesting information and news about the fight against cybercrime and the cooperation between national and international police authorities.

#3 “Protecting Access to Opportunity” – David Fischer from Facebook on the social significance of digital technologies

According to David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook, this year has revealed the crucial importance of digital technologies for society and the economy. In his speech, David emphasizes the extent to which online tools are more than just a lifeline, but are also deeply intertwined with social structure.

#4 Jason Spero from Google: Why you should promote digital marketing now

How can companies with keep up with the needs of their customers? Jason Spero, Vice President for Global Business at Google, highlights the new opportunities Google offers to help companies become more resilient.

#5 Garry Kasparov, Security Ambassador at Avast, on technologies of the future

Garry Kasparov went down in history as the youngest world chess champion. During his game against the Deep Blue supercomputer, he experienced the capabilities of artificial intelligence firsthand. In his speech, he talks about the potential of digital technologies from his perspective as Security Ambassador at Avast.

#6 Attitude on and off the court: A discussion between Michael Lohscheller from Opel and Hans-Joachim Watzke from Borussia Dortmund

How can attitude be demonstrated in difficult times? What role does personality play in this? Hans-Joachim Watzke, Managing Director of Borussia Dortmund, and Michael Lohscheller, CEO at Opel, discuss the importance of attitude.

Day 2 highlights

#1 Zoom as an Internet phenomenon: Janine Pelosi on the app’s success

Within a year, Zoom has made a huge leap forward. Remote work, video conferences, and virtual events are no longer conceivable without the app. Janine Pelosi, CMO of Zoom, speaks about the experience of becoming a staple of pop culture in a very short time and new ways of using the app.

#2 Automotive manufacturing 2.0: Thomas Ingenlath from Polestar on the future of mobility

Longstanding vehicle manufacturers are facing serious competition: more and more often it’s the young wild ones who drive in the fast lane, especially when it comes to electromobility. We talk to Thomas Ingenlath, CEO at Polestar, about what it’s like to reinvent a brand in a traditional industry.

#3 “Responsible AI” – Sophia Velastegui from Microsoft on the responsible use of artificial intelligence

How can artificial intelligence be used responsibly? And how can the potential risks be managed? Sophia Velastegui, Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft, talks about meaningful innovations and ethical issues in the development of AI.

#4 Beyond advertising: Claire Hughes Johnson from Stripe on the future of the online economy

Advertising has long been the heart of the online economy but according to Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe, that could fundamentally change in the future. In her speech, she sheds light on why we need a broader range of business models and revenue sources.

#5 Speaker: Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer at Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Jochen Sengpiehl has held several senior marketing positions, including positions at Hyundai Motor Europe, WPP, BBDO, and Daimler AG. He has been Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen Passenger Cars since 2017. Drawing from his many years of experience, he provides exciting insights into the industry.

We hope you gain valuable insights and have a great time at DMEXCO @home!