Martech – these trends are taking 2023 by storm

Martech is the latest thing in the world of marketing, with innovative technologies raising the bar. Our new guide explores the trends shaking up the marketing and advertising industry in 2023.

Hot right now: martech trends
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Martech: more technology for more marketing

Martech is a blended word formed from “marketing” and “technology” – and that’s exactly what’s behind it. Martech refers to technological innovations in the marketing industry that are conveniently packaged into modern software solutions and apps, some of which have never been seen before. These include new concepts, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which are already being successfully used in many areas of society. So why shouldn’t they be leveraged in marketing as well? These days, marketers have a range of promising solutions and tools at their disposal, combining state-of-the art technologies and innovative ideas.

Why is martech so important?

Martech is actually playing an increasingly important role in the advertising world, allowing advertisers to keep pace with the ever-evolving marketing landscape. The trend is shifting toward more technology – and there is a good reason for that. Martech enables you to align your brand communication with increasingly differentiated target groups and customer journeys. On numerous levels, martech improves how companies and brands communicate with potential customers and nurture existing ones.

Martech – a growing field of technological possibilities

As it happens, the range of martech solutions is already enormous. According to the MartechMap published on, which was updated this year, there are already 10,383 tech solutions aimed at marketers – and the number is rising. These include software tools and platforms for many different areas and disciplines of marketing, such as advertising, promotion, experience, commerce, and social media. However, four topics in particular are currently emerging as trending tech fields with vast potential.

Martech: head this way for a quick and easy overview

Our guide “Martech 2023: key trends at a glance” takes a deeper dive into the hottest martech topics out there right now, focusing on the technological concepts currently shaking up the marketing industry. As always, the download is free for the DMEXCO community, of course. Ready, set, go!